Friday, December 2, 2011

Re-Upholstery: Why It's Worth The Wait

Happy Friday! What's new?

I've had a couple of people call me recently to ask me who I use for upholstering. My answer to that question is: I use whoever I can find that is the most readily available. I think there are three listed in the directory and I actually have had to use those three different upholsterers all on one project. Mostly because I needed to finish by a deadline date and each upholsterer could only work so fast. But, because there aren't too many upholsterers left in town, these craftsmen are always backed up. The wait time is always longer than I like it to be...but it's worth the wait. Bless their hearts, some of them work night and day to please their customers, and the two that I love and trust the most are the sweetest old men with wives as their partners in the trade. They always deliver their craftsmanship with a smile. Their work is really good. Have any of you had any pieces reupholstered lately? Was it a good experience?

To see a few examples of the upholstered pieces I commissioned for a design project, you can go to Boca Mocha to check out several upholstered pieces done quite nicely by all local craftsmen. I can't praise them enough.

Here's my reason as to why upholstery and upholsterers are worth "the wait" in gold...

Pictured below is the perfect example. It's a sofa just waiting to be reupholstered that Will and his mom found at an auction for me to resell at the shop. It has been the comfiest and most rock-solid of all sofas. Have you noticed that they don't make sofas nowadays like they used to make?

While this comfy sofa has been perfect for nursing my baby in my back could be perfect for holding a slew of rambunctious kids or a really tall man who wants it all to himself for a football game. Are you in the market for a sofa like that?

I chose a soft, charcoal tweed. I'm loving menswear for furniture. I think this piece will ranscend all times once it's all done.

Here's a similar shape and styled sofa below from Oly. I love it too. It's just $6,785. A little too expensive for my taste and client's budget.

Do you need a designer to help you with just the little selecting fabrics, paints, or even just to stylize your home for company coming? No job is too small for me! Let me know if I can help you. Please call 417-873-9999

Happy Friday and Have a wonderfully cozy weekend!


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