Friday, March 30, 2012

Free Friday

Howdy there.  Are you enjoying spring?  These days and nights have been dreamy, huh?  The weather couldn't be any more perfect.  It's days like these that make me intensely wish I was a stay at home mom.

Here are the things I'd do if I had a free friday:

1.  Look through old Cottage Living magazines and design books while sitting on my front porch with my baby.  Then go for a leisurely walk and end up at my sisters house to let Sylvia play with all her cousins.

2.  Dream about creating an outdoor space for my very own as amazing as this one above.  Can you imagine sipping wine and hanging out in this space?!!  That latticed fretwork gable!  The pendant light!  The depth of the bed!

3.  If I had enough time on my free friday, I'd love to go to a nursery and pick out some boxwood to fill some old urns for my back porch, and the storefront. Do you not just love this storefront's amazing awning and drapery above?  Notice the door has a handwritten note taped to it...I imagine my note would say something like, TAKIN A SPRING VACAY DAY.  Sometimes a day off is just what one needs!

How are you soaking up spring?  I hope you find your leisure spot to be exhilarating, uplifting, inspiring, and full of the sweet smell of lilacs.

(all photos sourced thru pinterest}


Monday, March 19, 2012

Hello Spring Ducklings

Hello-Hello!  How do you like my new blog banner?  I don't know about you, but I've been in the mood for a dose of spring color!

We're so happy to welcome some of the small spring parties here at Pickwick House.  So far, we have booked some showers, birthdays, and graduation parties here in our light-filled showroom/venue.   

And, next week, I'll be doing a taped segment for Easter entertaining and decorating here at Pickwick House for KY3.  Yes, it's almost Easter.  Stay tuned! 

I'm loving Eddie Ross' fresh take on spring here in this Lonny garden party.  Such simple, yet fun centerpieces!  And, of course pink/salmon/coral/tangerine are the HOT colors this year!

I'll try to post more regularly...but should let you know that we are heading on a road buying trip soon.  Then to LA LA land in a few weeks with baby in tow.  Could use some tips on traveling with car seat, stroller, baby, and bags {yikes-ers}. Would also love to know what things you are on the hunt for.  


Monday, March 5, 2012

One Room Challenge: Week 6

Long time no see!  I've had some REAL issues arise with internet at home and the shop.  It's a season of change for phone, internet, and utilities in both of my spaces.  I've been updating things both internally and externally.  But, hopefully, as of tomorrow, we will have U-verse and I won't be constantly trying to gain access thru a "sometime operable word they call "tethering"".  Fingers crossed {With as few glitches as possible}.

The one room challenge was a REAL challenge to complete for me in six weeks.  I want to thank the sweet and talented Linda for inviting me along for such a fun and fabulous ride.  Thank you Linda!

All in all, my one room challenge literally was done and complete by six weeks.  My last installation took place on week six.

I love it.  My client loves it and I hope it will be loved by many of you. What do you think?  You can reserve your comments for the real photography, in case it's hard to see or if you just plain hate it.  These are just snapshot sneak peeks by me.

See the tapestry that we decided to mount to a frame?  I found that at the Ozarks Greater Garage Sale for a song. That has been my most favorite find.  I think it ties so well with the drapes and bohemian styled console.

The drapes are by loniemae.  Kendra and her mom exceed my wildest expectations every time.  Quality work.  On a deadline.  With some slight hurdles.  Thank you ladies!  I love you and I love your work!!!

Pillows from sweden are from  They are my absolute favorite.  $192 a piece.  Which is a bit expensive for my liking, but well worth it for tying all my colors together.  A little luxurious touch that goes a long way!

The bed is not quite ironed out yet.  We never found a screen to go behind it..  But I found the most amazing sconce thru one of my best friend's Joann, who's also an antique dealer.  I think the sconce screaming for tall kelley green candlesticks, like Barry Dixon shows in all his interior design projects.  I messaged him to ask him where he got his.  He was kind enough to reply!  Did you know he's from the Ozarks?  Check his work out if you have time.  He's an inspiration and a gentle soul.

Okay, jumping back to where I was...What do you think of the bed setting?  Maybe a screen behind it too??  Just haven't found a cool one I like as of yet.

The bedspread is by sferra {Fine luxury linens}.  The pillow cases are again my logo design template that I had screenprinted onto some Euro shams.  I absolutely love how they turned out.

The wall art and bed-bench are from  Ufan is the artist.  The bench is by by ottoman empire.  I love it's classic lines which transition from casual to luxurious so well.

The blue and white ikat duvet cover is from  I feel like it mimics the Ufan water droplet-type prints.

So as you can see I love to use a mix of flea market finds mixed with online/new purchases.

What is your favorite part?  I'd love to hear.

DO please take a look at the other's final one room challenge end alls. They are quite inspiring!

Suzzanne ~ Saved by Suzy
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I will be back for many more updates I've been dying to share with you.