Tuesday, April 17, 2012

4 Style Essentials: Part One

Oh hi there.  I'm back from catching up with voicemails and emails and babies, oh my.  And I also just stopped by LA too.  These are all good problems to have so I've decided to hire a part time manager.  I've had a lot of you asking if we're closing.  Nope.  Just working on projects.  You might find our door locked a lot more than usual lately. It's because we're working away in the back on projects for clients.

While in LA, I keyed in on 4 things I think we could use here in the area for ya'll clients/customers style fluffing areas.  Please feel free to add your two sense too.

First of Four:

Lanterns.  All shapes, metals, and sizes.  For indoor and outdoor usage.   They are well traveled.  Exotic.  Hip.  Timeless {and also the s.e.x.y. word}.  I've already ordered some in for the shop.  I hope they fly out the door.  

I'm in love with this moroccan chandelier from Downtown, LA.