Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Revamping: Tiny Tips with Large Impact

In need of some revamping your home or office space after the new year? I look forward to January for several reasons. It's a time to get reorganized AND revamped! Give me a call if you're interested in booking for January.

Pictured above, is the jellybeans design center that I designed. I wanted the center and/or desk area to feel like a little inspiration island in the middle of the sensory overloaded store of many sweet things. As a general rule of mine for any small space, I am a firm believer in creating "islands" or "pockets" of creative think spaces. This one happened to be only a 4x5 foot space.

What We Used:
For the jellybeans store, we repurposed MUCH of what was brought over from the old store. The desk is old, but given a fresh coat of paint. The chairs are vintage flea market finds. The curtains/pelmet/canopy are newly made and the boxes are from Lowes. The geometric valance at the top is attached with velcro. I thought if we ever wanted to update the look, we could always have another one made in a different style and/or color with a simple switch-a-roo.

I painted the edge of the table peach to match the valance edging. Then to tie the chandelier in, I painted some of the crystals peach too. I feel like painting more of them peach and coral could've given it more of a "punch"...

I hope you're enjoying your holidays and this week! Boy, it's flying by.


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