Friday, December 30, 2011

New Years Eve Bash {at home}

It's almost New Years Eve! Just when you thought all the holidays were winding down, it all starts ramping up again. Although, it's a good night to go out on the town to see all the city offers, it's usually crazy, crowded, expensive, not to mention, REALLY hard to find a sitter. And if you do find a sitter... you know she's premium dollar.

Sometimes it's just nice to stay home, relax, sit by the fire, and enjoy your house on the last night of the year.

Here are some ideas of what to do:

Host a chili party: Chili is pretty easy. Versatile, and hard to mess up. Have one friend bring a white chili, another friend bring a veggie chili, and one bring a get the idea. For those that aren't big on cooking, have them bring the cheese and crackers.

Host a dessert/champagne party: Whether you are a master baker, or you like to pick up sweets at a local bakery, sweets always satisfy. Don't forget to have lots of champagne... and one fun tip: why not chill the champagne in something fun, like a cool aged pot, or urn? It's a fun twist on the standard, and simple. Go look in your potting shed.

Host a Game Night party: Board games don't have to be "BORED" games. Get out your best old fashioned fun self out for the new year and give it a go. My favorite games that get everybody engaged and laughing for a bit are: Battle of the Sexes, Fiction/Diction, giant jenga, + roller skating around the block backwards, forwards, and funk-ified with a pot and pan in hand while wearing a sparkly, glittery hat. {be careful}

Stay Safe and Happy New Years Eve!

{all images via pinterest}
{ganache cake with infused gold via Martha Stewart Living}

Much Love to you all. I'll be back tomorrow for a special New Years Eve post.

{Have a question? Wanna hire me to redesign your house/apartment, be your personal shopper, or plan the most smashing bash you've ever had? I'M IN! Just email me and I'll have a bottle of champagne at the ready.}


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