Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Summer Updates

Hi there! I just restocked the foyer at Staxx! That's a good feeling.

Starting off the summer with some little mixers...You know how I love mixing old with new, high with not-so-high. Bold colors and fabrics. This patio set aint no dime a dozen set. A few weeks ago, I hit some sales with my friend. We saw this set and thought it was la couture from the get-go. Sadly it had already sold. Two days later, I walked into a flea market and there it was again. For sale. Bought, painted, and recovered it w/Intense Teal. That's the name of the paint. This is one of those intense things that's kinda hard to part with. Meaning I really like it a lot. $350.

I've been doing chair-care on some chairs. I have a weak spot for uniquely-shaped, orphaned ones. Pictured here: A dusty, musty pink chair that is in the process of being lacquered in a high gloss white and then embellished with oxidized mirror plates into those geometric side panels. I can't decide whether to go bold with the fabric or to keep it simple. What are your thoughts? A clean linen, or a big, bold print?

These other two chairs, which have identical twins... will be headed to staxx shortly, too.

Family Updates:
Summer is flying by. All are well and growing. Lots of soccer and swimming. Love my Louis in his uniform. Love my Charlie in his, too. Eleanor is sixteen and driving. Syl is two. Oh, how I live for them.

Business Updates:
Work is really growing. I'm in a good place. Turning away a few projects to focus on some wonderful new opportunities. Excited. Nervous...when am I not? Confident it's going the right direction...Yes. Upcoming magazine publications, too.

So far, I've not seen any wedding pictures from the weddings I've done this year. It's really hard not to get antsy on this. But, last weekend's wedding that I coordinated and designed has already been submitted to 417 Bride, by the photographer, Katie Day. Now, that's fast!! It was immediately picked up by the magazine. I hope to see some some and be able to share some here, shortly!

Hope all is well, with you all this summer! And let me know, if you can, which fabric I should choose for the chair. Always love hearing from my readers!