Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Easter Week Updates

Hi there. There's rarely enough time in the day to update you with all that's going on w/Pickwick House.  I have been running on fumes and thought I'd take a quick moment to update you with some eye candy.  

The kitchen faucet at our house was finally installed yesterday.  I love it so very, very much. I know Jesus turned water into wine, but I really think this faucet could too.  haha.  Maybe even chocolate {as one of my friend's mentioned}.  Chocolate's a more suitable option with it being Easter and all.  Haha.  

One of my clients is getting a whole home overhaul.  Today, we are making progress on her little girls bedroom and here's a sweet little daybed we purchased from Talula's {a new antique store right next door to Pickwick House}.  Anthonette, the amazingly talented owner of Talula's, reinvented an old canopy bed.  It will be perfect as a reading nook and also for her and her friends to cozy up on with stuffed animals and sweet bolster pillows.

Anthonette also paints furniture to your specification if you wish.  She does it for a nominal fee and I think this color pink called {pink gypsy} from Benjamin Moore makes it for an even more fantastic reinvention for Anna's room.  

The roman shades came back too short from the work room, but the panel top edging is the creme de la creme, don't you think?  So tailored and crisp.  

I was unable to make it to the second install of these puppies yesterday, but this is the picture sent to me from the client.  Do you notice something different?  Something very, very wrong?  If you guessed the edging, you guessed right. Sigh. Not such a happy install, especially since we waited weeks for these to come back.  But, hopefully third time's a charm.  Sometimes you just have to wait for a good thing.  

Hope you are having a good week.  Can't wait for a spring like return of weather, can you?


Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Good afternoon everyone!  I put together as close as I could the style board for our kitchen. As you may already know,  we are doing an all white kitchen with white appliances.  We were aiming for the classic style that the old house calls for.  We're doing just a regular white subway tile from Home Depot with the charcoal grout.   All the walls will be tiled midway up the wall, and then the range wall will be tiled from the countertop to ceiling.  We'll have carrara marble countertops, and a farmhouse apron front sink.  With it being all white and a LOT of tile, I know it might sound cold.  So I'm thinking we'll warm it up a bunch with warm woods, brass and aged silver trophies, oriental rugs, and other warming accents.

The kitchen is almost done.  Just waiting on the custom made brass etageres, some finishing paint touch ups, and extra tile work.  Our metal worker's boss recently had two unthinkable tragedies hit...his house was burned to the ground and within a few weeks, his daughter {a mom to four young children}, was killed in a car accident.  SO sad.  Unthinkable really.  Prayers for that family.  It's also been extra hard on our metal worker's work load too, who's wife is newly expecting and their young son has a disability.

I'm extremely grateful for the craftsmen and have come to love each one of them like family.  It's been a real pleasure. They have aimed hard to please and have worked with us on costs as well, in an effort to help us make our home a nice one that we can share with our readers and future clients.

I will tell you that our kitchen is nowhere close to the costs some might expect.  We sourced everything and every craftsman to the best of our researching abilities and hopefully it will pay off.  We didn't choose the local cabinet making company that carries a widely known name and a high dollar price tag.  And surprisingly, the marble we went with, is a marble that is comparable in price to any granite we could have gone with.   Oh, and the brass bucket you see pictured here is one I found at a local flea market for $19.  I found it retailing on OKL today for $450!  All this to say, yes, it might look and sound expensive or lavish, but in reality, we didn't break the budget like one might think.   We took the time to try to give it a thoughtful and reasonable renovation.

I hope to share pics soon.

Thanks so much for stopping in today!


Pickwick House is a full service design/build company in the heart of the Midwest!  {Springfield, Missouri's Rountree Neighborhood}.  We handle all aspects of residential renovations from small to large projects and are available for full service and consultation design, and/or stylizing from East to West Coast.  Call or email us today.  We may be on location, but we'll get back to you in no time.

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Retro Mom

Hello!  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

My sister, Julie shot the latest cover for New York Magazine, in an article titled The Retro Mom.   Styling by Amanda Carter Gomes.  The article is interesting and has made me think a lot about the progression of the feminist movement and how it relates to me being a mom today, after having been a daughter of a sahm and also having been a sahm myself for 12 years before my divorce from my former hubs and entrance into the work world.  I hope you can take the time to read it.  I wish I had time to explore with you some of my thoughts on it today, but alas, ironically...I have to get back to work on deadlines.

A few of my thoughts on the subject:
I will say that after having lived on both sides of the pond on this issue, I must say I am for mom's choosing what works best for themselves and for the balance of their family.  No matter where you are, moms, balance is a daily struggle, right?  For me, I work because I enjoy it.  I also work out of necessity.  I think women have a lot to share not only at home but in the real world.  Yes, there are days I wish I was a stay at home mom.  But, for me, 'working' works for us.  That's not to say that I don't wish that childcare and longer maternity leaves should be a built in for mom's who need it.

I often see and hear of a lot of mom's sucking up the brunt of the work load when it comes to kid's needs, kid's sick days, doctor visits, cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping and childcare.  Regardless of where women find their main purpose {home or breadwinning in the work place}, we as women need to band together and start demanding a bigger change.  Women should be able to enter the work force without the middle name of guilt.  We should be able to tell our daughters, with confidence, that they can be any thing they want to be when they grow up and while our sons are fed the same thing, they should also be trained to cook, clean, sew, arrange childcare and pick up some groceries too.  I think we're gaining a little ground, since studies now show that guys are now openly acknowledging a nod for equality in partnerships at home and work. But when it all comes down to it, the reality is that we women end up making more domestic sacrifices in general and that pressure really adds up.  Now, I know I chose to have kids and that life is hard sometimes.  I'm not complaining.   I just think we can do better at sharing work load.

More on this topic later.  Would LOVE for you to share your thoughts.  I know all you women out there have MUCH to share. Do you see a need for change?  How can we demand a change?  A letter to Hilary Clinton?  A small strike at home?  haha.  Just kidding.

Funny thing is, I was going to post our retro kitchen sample selections today.  How fitting, huh?  Taking a break from the kitchen.  Until tomorrow:)

Stay tuned for an exciting new guest post blog series.

Have a great day!


Pickwick House is a full service design/build company in the heart of the Midwest!  {Springfield, Missouri's Rountree Neighborhood}.  We handle all aspects of residential renovations from small to large projects and are available for full service and consultation design, and/or stylizing from East to West Coast.  Call or email us today.  We may be on location, but we'll get back to you in no time.

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Friday, March 15, 2013

FRIDAY's Mixer

Happy Friday!  I have been a day behind all week.  I thought yesterday was hump day and I forgot that tomorrow is St. Patty's!

I'm totally loving these details above.  NAVY.  CORAL. CREAM.  STRIPES.  FLORAL.  IKAT.  MOROCCAN. GREEK KEY.  SMALL CREATURES.

BTW, I'm crushing hard on jcrew's spring colors and mixing of patterns.  Stripes with florals and polka dots is totally fresh to me.  What about you?  Do you like mixing patterns?

You can shop this look here.

What are you doing for St. Patty's day?  We're parading it up.  Not marching.  Just catching the candy:)

Have a great weekend and


Pickwick House is a full service design/build company in the heart of the Midwest!  {Springfield, Missouri's Rountree Neighborhood}.  We handle all aspects of residential renovations from small to large projects and are available for full service and consultation design, and/or stylizing from East to West Coast.  Call or email us today.  We may be on location, but we'll get back to you in no time.

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Thursday, March 14, 2013


Hi everybody.  In trying to update my blog with new buttons and gadgets and bells and whistles last week...I took it upon myself to make some changes to the blog template on my own.  AND I've messed it up, of course.  haha.  So, if you see text running over pics, that's me being a dumb-thumb once again.    I've put a call into my graphic designer, so expect some fun changes for sure by next week.

It's spring break and while I'm still working on client projects for the week, we all took took some time out as a family yesterday to wipe away the renovation dust and take our first batch of things to the new house.  It's starting to feel real, now.  Sylvia brought us over some home made cookies from Mimi's house while we were cleaning.  It sort of felt like a welcoming kiss yesterday.  I've been saying for a while that it doesn't really seem like it's our house, or that it really COULD be our house.  For the first time, it sort of did.

The upstairs floors won't be done for a while, but the basement is done.  One half of the basement will be the teen boys pad, the other half will be my office.   Will built their beds out of fence post lumber we bought at Lowes over the weekend.  

Here's Charlie and I testing out our vintage old-school USA map between their twin beds.  I LOVE old maps and globes.  Decorating with old maps is not a new thing, and it's certainly not a dying thing.  I think it will always be in style.  For any room in the house, really.  What about you?  Do you have old maps that you use in decorating? 

Here are some inspirations from pinterest that I thought you might enjoy...  

Sleekly framed and lit.  Classy.

South America old-school style.  Love the roll down maps.

 Do you recognize this one?  It's a map mural I had commissioned for jellybeans.

Decoupaged.  So cute.

French door framed.  Love the clever usages of maps.

Happy Hump Day!


Tuesday, March 12, 2013


I hope you had a wonderful weekend!  

Need help finding cool things to spring-ify your home? I'll make it happen for you. My eye muscle is trained well and my kids have been teasing me that my online shopping addiction is my own version of 'gaming'.  Haha.  I may not be knowledgable on a lot, but I do know I have some great current and colorful sources on things.  And if we can't find what you're looking for, we can usually customize something for you!

Here are my hot picks for spring.  With Easter coming up real quick, I'm loving this mix of MINT, PEACH, Ombre wheel of HOT PINK, and ICY BLUE.  If you'd like to shop this look, you can go here.  Can't find what you're looking for there?  Maybe you'd like me to create a board to suit your style?  Or have something customized to suit your needs?  I'm happy to do that.  Just give me a call:)

Here's a virtual room above that I put together using those items in the board on top.  What do you think?  I love the peach to pink ombre.  OMBRE is still hotter than ever.  Did you notice that House Beautiful 's magazine cover page text was ombre last month?  LOVE it!  For spring, I predict we'll see a lot of ombre in varying shades of spring colors.


I told you we have chickens, right?  We inherited them from Will's dad who passed away just before Christmas.  This is a pic of Sylvia when the chickens first came to the new house property.  She looks thrilled, huh?  You can tell we're city folk.  I wasn't quite so sure about doing this chicken thing either. But, it's actually really easy, and fun.  They are so pretty, too.  They didn't lay too many eggs at first, and Sylvia was shy with them,  but now she and baby John-John love taking care of them.  John clucks at them like crazy and then laughs.  We like to go check on them every day after school.  Sylvia gets so excited to see how many eggs they've laid.  A good day is four to six, but lately, it's gone up to nearly a dozen eggs per day!  We have an abundance as you see here below.  Now we just need to move in and get to scrambling some eggs on the new stove. 

Will did a little reading up about the chickens and feeding them. We've been giving them scraps of veggies, fruit, and peelings.  I think that's why they are producing so many.  

In other news, I HAD to share this sweet little invitation below with you all.  A young girl threw her dear friend a baby shower here at Pickwick House over the weekend.  It was library themed shower and the invitation is an old library check out card.   Isn't it adorable.  I thought it was such a sweet idea for a shower.  Babies can't have enough good books, can they?

Tea Bar and Bites catered the party with their yummy spread!

Speaking of Tea Bar...Eleanor {my girl} whipped up a most delish new blood orange cupcake recipe last week.  She filled the pastry case with this amazing delectable.  I kid you not, these are THE best cupcakes I have EVER, EVER had!  There is a homemade curd surprise in them too!   And, just so happens that the beautiful oranges are from Home Grown Foods.  How 'bout all that for a batch of local goodness from all our wonderful neighborhood market vendors here on Pickwick street!  I feel so blessed to be here.  I hope you do too.  

Be sure to stop by and say hi to us if you see us at the new house, or Pickwick House...and come see the chickens too.  Cluck, cluckety, cluck! haha.  

Have a great week, everybody:-)


Pickwick House is a full service design/build company in the heart of the Midwest!  {Springfield, Missouri's Rountree Neighborhood}.  We handle all aspects of residential renovations from small to large projects and are available for full service and consultation design, and/or stylizing from East to West Coast.  Call or email us today.  We may be on location, but we'll get back to you in no time.

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Thursday, March 7, 2013


Morning Lover-lies.  Thank you all for voting for my olioboards for the get published camp!  There were a LOT of amazing boards submitted.  I'm pulling for Jennifer Reynolds, an interior designer based in Atlanta, Georgia.  Her entry board was titled, 'Crazy for Stripes'.   The judges will be announcing the winners soon.  I had unrealistic hopes for winning, but that's okay, mine are not even close to being in the running.  I am now familiar with the wonderful olioboard tool, and now I am familiar with the rules to the contests. I will try, try, again:):)  Thanks again for voting!

While I am on the subject of voting for things, I have a dear friend's daughter who always makes strides to make a difference for the less fortunate.  She's a 19 year old asking for our votes so she can take part in a traveling campaign to help kids in Africa.  It would be so wonderful if you could take a minute of your time to read her short entry bio here and vote her in to the top 50 people who deserve to go on a Tom's Giving Trip.  Thank you in advance!  Btw...PSSST!!!! she's currently #79 out of 9,000 applicants as of today.  That's so close to the #50 mark!  GO ALEX!!

I'll leave you with a quick board I put together for a client recently.  It's very traditional.  While it's not the typical design style I choose for myself, I DO enjoy reading different people's/client's styles and wishes.  A home should be something you love, and if traditional is what you love, we can do that too!


Pickwick House is a full service design/build company in the heart of the Midwest!  {Springfield, Missouri's Rountree Neighborhood}.  We handle all aspects of residential renovations from small to large projects and are available for full service and consultation design, and/or stylizing from East to West Coast.  Call or email us today.  We may be on location, but we'll get back to you in no time.

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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

House Beautiful and Flying Kites

Hi ya'll.  Spring is upon us!  I saw someone flying a kite today. YAY!

 Our house is almost done!  Floors can be walked on tomorrow morning.

Meanwhile, I am working on a house over in University Heights.  Perfect client.  She is open to fresh ideas, color, and loves mixing things up.  You might see a sign for Pickwick House renovations in her yard soon.  

I started with my client's bedroom last year in a fresh Rosemary Green, I believe,  from Benjamin Moore.  It is a bedroom I would die for, actually,  fully loaded with several of my favorite designer-ish things, including a gold sputnik and raw brass visual comfort lighting.    I haven't shared the beautiful images shot by Heather Cherie Photography from that bedroom shoot yet, and I apologize for talking about something you've never seen before.  The problem with posting images to the blog first is that it will most likely not get published by publications after it's shared here or anywhere else first.  I will keep you posted on the soon-to-be-where-abouts I've just learned of.

I first submitted the bedroom to House Beautiful, {one of my fave magazines} for possible feature. They replied with a "Love the bedroom, and use of color, but wonder if there are other rooms from the house to see..." {Positive note to self:  They responded to my work, which was great.  The sad fact was that no other rooms in the house were done or even in progress yet.'}

I'll get back to the client's house post here, in a moment, but first, I should share with you that over the last year I have begun to realize that I needed fuller projects to showcase a full breadth of my style.  When I look back upon the store front opening two years ago, I have to laugh, because I was taking on just about any and every project that came my way.  Including weddings. While I am SO grateful for all the support and work I have received from wonderful clients... THANK YOU to all of you, you know who you are!!!  {many of which are life long clients and friends now},  I would be lying if I told you I haven't learned some valuable lessons from mistakes I've made and also of projects that were not a good match for me.

I'm getting a little side tracked here, and perhaps putting more out there than you may care to hear, but I want to share with you a project that I learned SO much from.

One project in particular where I took on a 'friend of a friend' without a contract being signed.  {I'm sure you know where this is going.}  He was a nice guy and I fully expected to take on the challenge of knocking his socks off with the 'please factor' for an upcoming local magazine spread that he needed to be ready for in a few short weeks.  {BAD IDEA to not do a contract, btw....For both myself and that client.}  Without going over the contract, he had a somewhat vague idea about what I expected and vice/versa.   Because of the rush, I tried to rush into it too fast.  I was so eager to please him, and flattered that he wanted me to work for him.  I failed to start it off with the foundation for our agreement.  A contract.

I took the project on in my ninth month of my pregnancy and finalized the project the week of my baby's birth, in the dog days of summer.  Not only that, the project was outside.  In his garden shed, that he wanted to turn into a wine tasting room.  In the heat.  In July.  NO air conditioning.  Nine months prego.  WHAT was I thinking?  Ha.  The end result of the space ended up being executed beautifully by myself, and my intern, and my team of reliable and efficient guys...but not without heat exhaustion and a bad case of mastitis....THE week of my baby's birth.  Regretfully, I went back to work on this very project THE day after arriving home from the hospital, even though Will had urged me to take time off and told me to tell my client to fly a kite for a while. 

I am a perfectionist and rarely leave a project without giving it my all.  I got mastitis.  BAD. Urgency was all I heard in the client's voice, and I just did not want to let him down. I SO wanted to please him.  I worked my butt off, but in the end, I still did not please him.  So goes that same ole saying..."You can't please everyone."

This post can't go without a big shout out to my my intern, Hillary, who worked for free for countless hours on this one.  Also, to my exceptionally talented carpenter who charged a very discounted wholesale price to the client for gorgeous, custom made cabinets, and to my contractor, Stormy, who ran out there at least three times and never charged me or the client.  {The project made it to the local magazine, but without  a mention of Pickwick House or any links to my website.  I should've fully expected this would happen.}

Looking back, I wished I had not taken the client on.  There were cues that I should've picked up on.  Expectations for custom designs for custom woodworking, customized furnishings, and customized accessories to be done in a short amount of time.  I made him mad that things weren't done faster.  I hope that this never happens again for me, for future clients, or for any other first time designers starting out.  I hope you can learn from some of my mis steps.

Here are my
1.  Be realistic about the time and scope of the project.  Working on a house is a labor of love.  If there is a deadline, make sure you allow extra time for customized orders.
2.  Be up front with the client.  Go over EVERY single thing in the contract.  Take your time in talking about the money, the timeline, and the up charging on items that you are sourcing, etc.  Flat fees vs. hourly.  Clients need to know what to expect.  They are paying for it, after all.  If you are clear from the beginning, then the trust factor is built upon a firm foundation.
3.  Let them know what you expect.   It's okay to expect a glass of water from a client.  Especially in the 100 degree heat.  If the project is going to be published, let them know that you own the copyrights to the work, and that you expect on-page magazine credits.  This should be in the contract.  It should even be written into the contract specifically how you would like it written:  i.e., Interior Design:  sharon taylor of, items in garden shed from Pickwick House.
4.  Charge client for all project manager's time, even if they are unpaid interns.
5.  Reiterate and 'refrigerate' yourself on hot days on occasion that good things take time and know that sometimes backorders make for heated exchanges, also hot days require air conditioning.  haha.  Customized things take even longer.  And, with certain work rooms and mills, it takes that, times three.
6.  Don't get in a rush when signing a new client on.  Interview them.  Be selective.  And don't take a job because you are desperate for money.  Don't work for free.  I still tell myself not to work for free.  And many times, under sell myself, all for the love of what I do.

Okay, so where was I?  As, I was saying at the beginning of the post....We are now  reworking the rest of the house in University Heights.  Kitchen revamping...gutting the dark granite, getting rid of old appliances, and all things beige.  Bye-bye beige!!  Dining room, and living room overhaul too.  All being done in fresh, springtime colors.  We are adding some sweet turkish rugs, a fabulously quirky galleried art wall, and some wallpaper touches, and using many of  her already existing antiques and family heirlooms.

Do you love green?  Well, I do.  I can hardly get away from using it on all projects, I love it so much.  We are doing a deeper, more daring green than I'm used to. I am calling it a happy hunter green.

This is the chandelier my client found on craigslist for $40!  Makes me think of lucite.  Lucite is still happening, for me, anyway.  

                              I LOVE this one!!  Isn't it not perfection? Not sure where it's going yet.  Maybe her office.

Just some of the ebay and etsy purchases at the framers.

Pulling some wild colors, patterns, and textures together.  Don't worry.  We're not going with that blue color.  Haha.  

Gotta run now.  House is a wreck with samples the baby is scribbling on..

P.S., one more thing to share...

I thought I'd come back and share this piece above.  Not sure who the artist is, but I love it.  Sort of struck a cord with me since I not only love b&w, but because I appreciate the artistry in finding that line where the client and designer converge to make something beautiful.  Also, that there is always another side to the story.  And, perhaps, most insignificantly, it places the importance on signed agreements too:-)



Monday, March 4, 2013


Spring cannot get here soon enough! Baby is STILL mending.  I don't remember a time where my littles were sick this much and for this long.  I strongly believe it's because they are subjected to much more stuff when they go to preschool.   Preschool is a good thing, but the sickness it breeds is not.  Just as I was sending Sylvia off to school this morning, she got sick, and started crying when I told her she couldn't go to school.  Haha.  {A real good indicator of how much they have enjoyed being cooped up with me for the last few days!}  Any of you moms out there relate?  

I really hope this means our spring and summer will be healthier and more productive.   I have so many projects and deadlines waiting on me and I'm anxious to show off some really cool things that we have going.

That said, we are we are still seeking internships.  Please send email and resumes to

Sorry for the boring, sickness posts you've heard over and over.  I hope you all are feeling well and happy to see the sunshine as much as I am today!

To see my latest kitchen board for a client, go here:  It's going to be a bright and cheerful change up from what it once was.   Think marble countertops, subway tile, all white cabinets, colorful furnishings, all new appliances, apron front sink, and gold accents.


Pickwick House is a full service design/build company in the heart of the Midwest!  {Springfield, Missouri's Rountree Neighborhood}.  We handle all aspects of residential renovations from small to large projects and are available for full service and consultation design, and/or stylizing from East to West Coast.  Call or email us today.  We may be on location, but we'll get back to you in no time.

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Friday, March 1, 2013

Commercial Design: A SOCIAL CLUB

I can't get enough of Olioboard, now!  I LOVE it.  I promise to stop cramming this blog feed with these once the contest is over in a few days.   I've been waking up extra early to create these boards because I have a million board ideas in my head ready to throw out there...and since baby is still sick, I am really hunkering down with a goal of winning this contest as well as winning a sick baby back to health.

The concept for the board below comes from just one of three or four scenarios in my head for this particular purpose.  I have had a fantasy of creating a whole town, complete with boutique hotels, event venues, outdoor recreational spaces, country clubs, restaurants, book stores, libraries, neighborhood markets, and ice cream shops, etc.  Any investors, builders, business owners out there wanna talk?   Haha.  I can do it.  BOUTIQUE style:)

One of my most favorite things to do when traveling to big cities is to visit boutique hotel lounges, restaurants and portly bars, so I've always thought it would be fun to do a spin off of the studio and create our own PICKWICK HOUSE {a modern, underground social club} for our own little small town.  Don't you think there's a market for that here in the Ozarks?  So, that brings me to the question:  Would you go to this type of boutique-social house?  Would any of you locals frequent this type of place?

When dreaming up a description for this 'Pickwick House' {a modern, underground social club}'.  I describe it as 'underground' because it's just a 'virtual-invisible' brick and mortar, 'Non-existent', hence underground.  {NOT planning a real one, any time soon.}  Anyway...

DESCRIPTION:  Drawing inspiration from Charles Dickens Pickwick Papers, this modern day social house is meant to be a place for many characters to stroll into the underground club for a regular dose of humor, advice, poetry, extravagant travel stories, historical studies, romantic love, and bizarre anecdotes, live old jazz, and five piece swing bands, all while imbibing in STRONG cocktails from a bygone bootleg era. "Cozy up to the fire, read a good tale, pour yourself a glass of something you'll never experience any where else'~Sharon Taylor. 

This version is a bit glam, but I thought the worn leather chesterfields brought down the glam factor a little bit.  I thought the gingham was fun, and an ode to old fashioned southern charm.   I've noticed a revival in largescale gingham with a couple of my fave designers trending it at the moment { i.e., Miles Redd, Tobi Fairley, Barry Dar Dixon, and Nick Olson.}  I misspelled by name in the watermark, but once it was published, it was too late to edit.  

So, what would be your choice drink be here?   Think Frank Sinatra style or, Hemingway, The Fitzgeralds, Degas, T. S. Eliot, Matisse, Josephine 
Baker to name but a few.  A mint julep, rusty nail, or an old fashioned?  

So, do you have any favorite hot spots you like to go to? Sounds like another post about REAL life boutique hotels is in order, huh?

Oh, I should mention that you can vote for me.  I've been receiving email updates directly from olioboard alerting me of the people that have voted for me.  Today, I have six.  THANK YOU!!  {I can think of nothing more wonderful than a few votes:)}  You can vote for all of my entries once a day for the next five days, I believe.  Here's the link to my latest entry to vote on. Just click the check mark inside the red heart.  Thank you, so kindly.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend, everyone.