Wednesday, May 23, 2012

OVERBOARD in a good way

{My instagram from Lindsay White and Caleb Johnson's Wedding Set-up}

Hi All... I know it's been a while since I've visited this dusty old posting site called "the blog".  This week I turn 40.  Many hoo-rahs and a few brouhahas...

Balancing is a never-ending challenge.  This image above is a good depiction of how "overboard" I feel inside.  Now overboard can mean a good thing and it can mean a not so good thing....

My oldest had a graduation party over the weekend.

Now when we were planning details out for the party, I told her we didn't need to go overboard on things with too many indulgent desserts for the party.  She replied with "Mom, I LOVE overboard.  I'm doing "overboard".

I decided I liked her playfully energetic response and challenge to my boring, reserved, tight self.  6 dozen different flavored cupcakes of hers were gobbled up at that party...all on her "overboard" proclamation.    

Grateful for all of the experiences and celebrations, and sweet people in my life that are providing me with some insight, true colors, personal challenges, and richer ideas.

With LOVE and wishes for a fun week for you all!