Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Under Construction/New Ownership: Jellybeans

With a little over a month til opening, here's where we're at on the new construction for "Jellybeans" {a baby/kids clothing store}.

New owner, Meghan Chambers, asked me to step up to the plate for this design project. Thank you, Meghan!

Found this cool shelf yesterday while out flea marketing. It's from Riverside Inn. It held the wine there. Do you love that it will gain new life in a baby/kid shop? I do!!

I probably won't be posting pics until after opening. So, wish me luck, as we're diving in! And be sure to tell all moms, kiddos and babies out there, that they are in for a jellybean of a treat.


Monday, July 26, 2010


Where do you find decor inspiration? People ask me where I get inspiration. I don't know the answer to that. I guess from the game of life. You?

The other day I was at Tuesday Morning, and I was inspired by the packaging on a Bentley's tea cannister. It was a glossy, pale teal blue, with black and white classic type writer setting, white embellishments, and a gold crown. So cute!

Today, it rained and it poured. And metaphorically, my shopping jaunts were filled with amazing things all over me. Lucite, over the top large mid-century light fixtures, and old shelving recovered from Riverside Inn {locals and some of the elite alike know this place well}.

So, now that I've emptied my pockets for all these goods, I guess you could say "Now that the house reigns, it's pockets are really poor."

I hope you'll enjoy your week and hopefully enjoy my a.d.h.d posts.

{images via kelly wearstler, and marcel wanders}

Monday, July 12, 2010

Havin a Potty on Pickwick

I am so random, but I thought I'd mention that in the midst of our string of birthday bashes and weddings, we've also marched in a few parades. And, not only that, we have begun the potty training, here on Pickwick St. ...AND we're still pottying!!

Wanna join in with us in celebrating? Come eat some cake, and look at some cake with my dream host, David Stark. He breaks all the molds when it comes to his super cool installations. I LOVE him.

I hope you are all having lots of fun this summer! Spill here, what you're doing/celebrating, OR share some of your faves...For example: Back porch reads? How many flies you caught over the weekend?
Inspiring People/Quotes? Outdoor Movie night suggestion?


Friday, July 9, 2010

A Really Sweet Thing

Happy Friday, Everyone!

Ending the first week of my very first commercial interior design project for a retail store, here locally. {excited} I'm in the initial stages of painting the canvas {selecting all of the flooring, lighting, and paint colors}. The fun part is just about to begin! I'm equipped with an inspiration folder about six inches thick and a floor plan of 2300 hundred square feet of space.

Next up: I'm planning a road trip to buy unique, one of a kind things.

In designing the cash wrap, I'd love to make it over the top fun/different. Classic. This one has me drooling. Clean, simple, and filled w/elegant french goodness!

image via lushlee

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Inspirations for Play

Oh, my! Love this quaint little camper. Now, that's what I call a Happy Camper...way more anti-depressing than playing pretend in a plastic or cardboard playhouse/princess castle.

I'm planning some kids spaces right now, and it's easy for me to go back to what I daydreamed and loved doing as a kid. I remember being obsessed with the Boxcar Children. I thought it seemed so fun to nest in a little boxcar w/a cold running creek to serve as a makeshift/diy fridge.

I was also in love with stage and musicals {love this mural painting of a stage}. In our house, the record player blared musicals all the time. Annie was nonstop for a good two years, until the brothers made it disappear by burying it in the compost pile.

...But I have some pretty fond memories of reeling in my sisters and cousins to run out to the front yard to critique our own renditions. We'd stand on our "stage" of a three foot ledge {a retaining wall} and we'd each act out every single Annie song. Prizes awarded to best peformance.

Just took in a new piece to Staxx {pictured here}. It's a newly up-cycled secretary in one of my favorite minty-teal colors. Wish I had the before picture, you'd moan if you saw how mucky- brown it was.

Oh, and today is my son, Charles Camp Taylor's, 11th birthday. You know something ironic?... I just realized I posted a camper up there on my blog today. We sometimes call Charlie, Charlie Camper. I dedicate the happy camper to you, today, Charlie Camp.

Have a great day, everybody!


Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Fourth of July Weekend!

We will be heading to our local neighborhood parades today.
Hopefully we'll catch some fireworks on the skirts of town somewhere tonight, and twirl some sparklers around with all the kiddos. I'd love to find a cold creek too.

Friday, I took a trip to Sandstone Gardens and selected the most amazing fountain, urns and columns for an English Cottage courtyard. Also made some stops at old antique shops along route 66. It was the perfect start to this hot, and time-gone-by weekend.

Oh, and if you haven't been to Sandstone Gardens, you must!

Have a lovely fourth, everybody!