Sunday, January 31, 2010

{Snowy} Sunday Edition #3

Here's what we did yesterday. Jordan Valley Park sledding, McSalty's Pizza, and then a nap. {Julie Blackmon's latest work..."Lost Mitten"}.

I hope you have a PERFECTLY relaxing day today, dearest ones.


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Friday's Eat, Play, LOVE list

Here are some inspiring locals...Eleanor's Cookies. They've been a hit. Last night she received an order for one dozen to be delivered to a ladies book club. Eleanor's inspiration... MISSONI fabrics. We have lots of parties coming up, and I'm also still in the thick of nursery planning. I'm completely drawn to splashes of bold colors, patterns, confetti, flower petals, and mismatched prints right now. This brings me to my dilemma right now... Fabric selections. Do any of you have any favorite fabric sources? I'm open to some new suggestions!

I wish you all could see my sister Millie's house in real life. I go there to grab jolts of colorful happiness {Millie's got a good smattering of great decor ideas} and bits of love from my nieces and nephew, Mabel, Ralph, and Birdie. It's the happiest, most creative place on earth. My pictures don't do it justice, so I'm gonna have to say...more coming up in the next week or so. I promise. {three are pictured here...dollhouse, chalkboard, and the LOVE piano scape}

We're planning on hunkering down for another snow storm today. Sylvie is hooked on vampire weekend music and she requests certain songs be played over and over and over again. I don't mind. She dances cute, and I have several crushes going on with several of those fellas.

Other images via flickr, saipua,sognisorrisi}

Have a fabulous weekend, my dearest ones!


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tiny Luxuries

Remember the Vday bash I was dreaming of having with ruffles, truffles + vintage perfume bottles w/messages tucked inside? Well, my good friend, Joann, has an amazing collection of vintage perfume bottles in her master bath. Her collection, {pictured here} is what gave me the inspiration for this type of bash. She always has the best luck finding remnants of things that look like they've come from wonderful old castles. She also lives in a castle {a big house out East of town} right now, but is getting ready to downsize to a {cottage} darling revamped old house... in our neighborhood!! She's excited, and I'm so happy to have her closer. For all you locals in the'll probably see all her beautiful chandeliers going up inside the house on the corner of Cherry and Weller very soon. Give her and her family a warm hello when you see her there in a few weeks. AND, if you'd like to see more of her work and killer treasures, you MUST go visit The Market, in the Brentwood Center. She has a dream world of style in there. {You'll know it when you see it.}

I know this is sorta cheesy, {and not at all like me}. Please don't gag...but what if, instead of sending love notes this Vday to JUST our sweeties, we would send one to our dearest girl friends as well. I have just a few. And Joann is definitely one of them. I love Joann for many reasons. She's always been there for me. Thru thick and thin. But, more than that, she's wise beyond words. She's got more depth than the deep blue sea. I LOVE her made-from-scratch, no nonsense, classy, gutsy, hysterical, and stronger-than-an-ox spirit. And, I love her chandeliers! Yes, I love you, Joann.

So, what about all of you out there...Do you have a special friend like that? Maybe they'd like a sappy, sweet note. Write it out by hand, tie a string around it, and tuck it in a perfume bottle...{Vintage bottles are at The Market}. Go there and buy your friend {or yourself} a tiny luxury and fill it with the simple pleasure of love.

{Images from Vogue, Saipua, Bliss}

Blissful day. Waiting for snow to hit.


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Enchanted + Fantastical Brownstone in Brooklyn

Vogue. January 2010. An enchanted and richly textured Brooklyn Brownstone home that's been lovingly restored by Charles and Olya Thompson.

This issue just swept me away! The blue Farrow & Ball wallpaper just got me...{long pause}... and then seeing all three of their little girls dressed in matching Flora and Henri dresses just Could Not have been any sweeter or more romantic to me. I especially loved the pretty, floaty coverlet on the bed too.

This spread really has me thinking that I should pull more antiques and richer textures into my own home.

You can read this couple's story here. Do you want to hear something over the top fun that this couple did for their wedding? Well, at their four day wedding party in 2002, they had a picnic with pyramids of caviar and a balalaika quartet playing Rachmaninoff in the apple orchard. Isn't that something? I think I'll go play some R. on the {computer} sound system now.

Now, before I go, these matching Flora and Henri dresses are reminding me of a story. Here goes...

Growing up in our large family, we didn't have much money, but an old friend of my mom's recently told me that she never knew that we were poor, because our mom was so very organized and pretty darn resourceful. I'll never forget the year that we girls, Me, Jeanie, Rosie, Lizzie, and Millie were all stair steps {in size}. Mom decided she wanted us girls to all have matching sailor dresses for Easter. So, of course, not a lot of money was on hand, but that didn't stop her...she decided she would sew our dresses out of old, white, cotton sheets. She drew up her own pattern and made all of those dresses in just less than a week. Starched and pressed! One, two, three, four, five!! They were darling, and still are. Mom was amazing that way. I'm not much of a keepsake person, but I did save those dresses. Sisters, if you have a pic of that Easter, I think we need to pass it around!

Rambles again, I know. Have a wonderful day, everyone!!


Monday, January 18, 2010

...Birthday Bash Continued!

Hi friends! Here's another batch from the bash. I hope you enjoy.

Here are the Deets...

Trophied Bouquets: {who else but the Orchid Lady?}. Sadly, my camera went dead just before I could capture all of the other trophied bouquets. Each one was blissfully different than the other.

Party Hat: Taylor-Made by me. The topper on top was made with pipe cleaners and gold vintage buttons that looked like irish coins.

How do you like the Rah-Rah {pom-pom} pyramid of Taylor-Made favor boxes {dedicated to The Fighting Irish}? I can only take tiny credits on these. My talented and artsy friend, Donna, made the gold yarn poms. Aren't they just perfect? She just came up with the idea on a whim while we were crafting late, late the night before the party. I was completely out of ribbons...and DID NOT want to have to make another run to the craft store the next morning. Thanks for the sweet touch, Donna!!

Cookies: You'll be hearing and seeing more of these, but I'll start here with this...

My little, {but a lot taller than me}, Eleanor has decided to Jump Out of the {teenager} box with her own baking biz. She's a budding artist, baker and bike rider {saving up for four wheels}. How do you like her drop-dead little darlings??!! She tucked them into the favor boxes {and I tucked a few into my mouth...cookies not boxes}. I have to tell you, Eleanor has been baking these goodies for the family for awhile now, but most recently, she has added her signature painterly touch to the icings on top. Just wait 'til you see and/or taste her valentine cookies!! She's taking custom orders the dozen or singly {tucked and boxed to Taylor-Made perfection}. Perfect for a Sweetheart, or Classroom Party Treat. Give me a ring if you'd like to place an order.

I'd love to throw a valentine bash or two of my own. I'm tossing a few ideas around. What would you think of a Vintage Perfume Bottle Exchange {empty bottle filled with your own handwritten message} + Sweet Ruffles {attire worn} + Truffles Party? Thoughts? Ideas?? Spill people. I love to hear your creative ideas!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sneak Peak of Notre Dame Bash by Sharon Taylor Designs

I hope you're having a fun filled weekend! For the first time in a long time, I'm having a football filled weekend, and it's not the type you might expect.

We've been busy here, at Sharon Taylor Designs , prepping for a sweet little boy's first birthday bash. Notre Dame themed. Baby's papa is a Fighting Irish alumni. Don't worry, we're not going to be hot gluing plastic footballs and helmets everywhere. I know that bugs.

I'll have more of this game's highlights coming up. But first, let me just tell you about the Upcoming RAVES... Flowers that are a thrill to behold {arranged in vintage urns}, created by the amazing Orchid Lady + Eleanor's yummy homemade cookies tucked into some drop-dead darling Taylor-made favor boxes. Taylor-made Banners + Candies + Party Hats.

The candy jar is filled with citrus flavored gumdrops and topped with a simple Taylor-made paper fountain. It's sitting atop a scarf that Eleanor started knitting upon a few weeks ago. I asked Eleanor if she could whip the scarf into a classic Notre Dame rugby sweater instead of a scarf...we'll see if she pulls thru on that one. The baby's mama and I also thought a vintage football would be grand, but we did not score on that one. The reproductions are on back order for twelve more weeks. Buzzer! {That means game's over, and I'm going to bed now}.

Next Week: I hope it'll be Standard Procedure on blog posting.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

X's Two Post

I've been too frozen to post since Friday. Even though our temps outside have finally doubled, I'm still partly frozen due to the fact that I noticed my followers have more than doubled in number. Wow, I don't even know how or why, after I posted such a rambler.

...Anyway, Thanks to all of you who have just joined me! I think I'll dedicate this post to all of you lovely followers of mine {old and new}. What better way to do that than with some suitable sleeping quarters for all of you??...{twin beds to accomodate everyone}. Now, mind you, if I could host a double your money giveaway, I'd probably make a lot of you folks a lot happier, right? Well, that might be in the works for don't change the channel, please.

So...what do you think of these darling beds? Which one would you pick, if you had the choice?

Growing up, I slept in a room full of sisters and beds. We had a pair of wooden antique twin beds + one day bed {usually all in one room}. That, and a couple of us girls would have to share a full size bed in the next room over. One of those horrid twin beds had slats underneath that would always give-out in the middle of the night. I still remember the thumping echo of that slat hitting the hardwood floors + the cold and very slanted sleep that one of us would have to endure thru the rest of the long, long night. Every now and again, the bed would get a good dose of Elmer's wood glue + a heavy duty clamp...but that DIY quick-fix was not one of mom's best. Splat!... all over again a month or two later.

images via coco and kelley, design*sponge

Hope you're having a lovely week! More delish things coming up.


Friday, January 8, 2010

"A Day in My Life"- Guest Post Over on High Heel Foot In The Door

It's a late post today, but one that I'm so excited to finally be sharing with you this afternoon! I've been out all morning looking at tiles w/a client and now I'm finally back before heading to a photo shoot this afternoon.

So today, I am guest posting today on the wonderful blog called...High Heel Foot in the Door. You can see "A day in my life" by clicking on In Her Shoes. It's one of Camila's special features she does regularly on her blog. I am seriously so flattered that Camila asked me over! She's featured some pretty amazingly talented ladies in the design industry. Thanks so much, Camila! I LOVE you and your blog!

Hope you all have a Happy Friday! I'm finally having a girls night out tonight!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Snowed In!

It's single digits here. Plus snow!! These two things = a lotta clothing flyin on and off {soggy socks, mittens and other woolens}, which is in turn making the laundry piles grow {needlessly faster}... I'm wishing those piles would fall back into the single digits soon and very soon!!

Took Syl-Syl out in her new sled last weekend. She loves it. I scoped a few table scape photo-shoot spots while out too. I've got some icy inspirationals...just need a full-blast heater to help me w/the set-up. Any body got some hot air and time to blow on me? I'd truly love some willing hands {clad in wool}. I have special hot chocolate. Now, mind you...this is Not cocoa! It is Hot CHOCOLAT {real dark chocolate shavings simmered in hot creme + a dolling up of real whipping creme}! Ring me if you're in on it!

Jack London says, "You can't wait for have to go after it with a club." I think instead of a club, a shovel might work best for now. I do love his fierceness... It gets me fired up and ready to go strong everyday!

Don't forget to check back in...I will be guesting on a special decor blog comin up! We have several new interior projects going on around here in the New Year at Sharon Taylor Designs. Plus I'll be sharing some more sneak peaks of friend's and fam's stylish homes in the hood.

Hope you have a fan-icycle {fantastical} day!


Monday, January 4, 2010

Bebe Nursery Inspiration Board: La-La Lollygag Style

Is there anything sweeter than a new baby? I can think of nothing better than the romance of a tiny one.

These firsts are imbedded into my memory forever. The beginnings of lifelong love affairs with my children. How about the first stroll thru the neighborhood with your newborn tightly rolled and tucked? There is no hurry in your step...It's just a proud, soft lollygag.

I'm so thrilled to be working on a bebe nursery for a very special mom and pop expecting their first one this spring {not for me}. Inspirations: Soft palette + Simple Euro Charm + Gentle illustrations by Rebecca Davis. The mom-to-be chose a really darling bed, don't you think?

Remembering my Spring Arrival:
Sylvie was a spring baby two short years ago. I know I never will forget we arrived home from the hospital to a house filled w/fresh garden cut flower arrangements. Every room was filled w/three and four arrangements that Will had gathered himself to surprise his girls...fragrant lilacs, snowballs, tulips, redbuds and iris...all in sweet little ball jars everywhere. Our porches even had flowers on them. I thought I had come home to heaven.

I'm anxious to show you the green wedding images from last weekend's wedding. Also, in the works...a Craft Bash. My house + goodies + Bubbly!

xo and Best,