Wednesday, December 21, 2011

TIPS: Pulling a Christmas Room Together

Need something around your tree, instead of under it? Here's a brand-new upholstered suit to outfit a room in for Christmas...all for sale at Pickwick House. It's like "gifting the earth and yourself" with vintage. *I know, sounds like too much commercial-type lingo to push on you overspent and tired people right now, right here at Christmas, hustle and bustle time*, but really, do you know how much this set means? It's come from a sweet 1940's estate auction, to my back room, it then served it's purpose well as a used sofa for many of meetings, then it traveled to the sweet upholstery place, and now it's back at the store waiting like "Corduroy". I'll be quiet now, but seriously, I could go on and on about it. What do you think of it? Do you like it? Just come in and sit on it, and I promise, I won't sell you hard on it. I'm not like that pushy sales guy.

I think these furnishings would look really good with these three things.
1. grass cloth wallpaper
{via h.h.}

2. a worn looking anatolian, turkish rug pictured here...

3. fresh green garlands draping the large-scale frame. Something like these would be darling...but a simple greenery draping would do the trick quite nicely.
{via pinterest with photography by Aengus McGiffin}

The antlers have really been flying out of the store this season. Do you love them? Most people love them or hate them. I LOVE them. We have more in, just in case you need a cute little something to hang a bulb from.

I'm going to see Sylvia's first school performance this morning.

Hope you're surrounded by LOVE this week.


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