Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Home Grown Spring Projects

Hello gorgeous weather and hello, to all of you! I know it's been awhile since I've posted, but I am still here.... Just busy tryin to stay busy...Wedding planning, family time, and design clients + spring projects.

Well, I have fallen head over boots for terrariums. This is our own personal home collection, but I will tell you that Mr. Will confiscated a lot of my vases and apothecaries that I use for events from my storage...and he has filled them with dirt, seeds, moss, water, and sunlight. Syl has been spraying them with water when she pleases. She has also been giving drinks to all the furniture in our house.

The cool thing about the terrarium vignette shown, is that the containers are all sitting on a low harvest table that was recently found along the curbside {Free!!}. It's primitive, but I really like that it has a pretty dove coat color stain. We covered it with large atlas pages from a yard sale for the cost of just a few quarters and then 'tablescaped' it with different things...cedar discs, garden books and river rocks. Just this last weekend, I used these apothecaries and fresh green sprout containers for a bridal shower. They were a hit. Janet Pearson {The Orchid Lady} added some beautiful pussy willow branches to them... a detail that no one else would ever think of. Seriously!! {I'll post better pics when I receive them.}

Papa and baby Syl have been prepping our back yard garden and pouring over the Baker's Creek Heirloom seed catalog. It's good to see them working together now. Two years old is a good age to start the chores.

I'd love to hear from you, my lovely readers. What are your plans for spring?


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Wedding Season

Hello dearies. I don't know where the last week went...I've been so busy prepping/planning for weddings that there has just never been enough time in the day to get to this post.

I've had two craft bashes with brides this week. We've been busy crankin out the home made goodness of bouts, pinwheels, and other little dishes {not food} that I can't wait to show you.

Next up, I'll be meeting w/florists to consult on all the fine tuning deets: This particular wedding will be where "Classic meets and greets Graffiti-Vintage Style". {A bit Betsy Johnson-ish.} **Mixing up some quirkiness is right up my alley.** I love that this bride loves all the classy elements of Coco Chanel, Kate Spade, Tiffany and Co.... But, she also loves to have fun and can appreciate the funner things in life, like bein' laid back {so-to-speak}. are a few inspirations I will busy up my life with in the next few weeks.

Images via Plush Palate, Glamour Magazine (March 2010 issue), Vera Wang, and Anna James {gothic grunge wardrobe}

I'm loving the doves on the porch! How romantic is that?

xo, my dears!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Warm Woods Mixed With High Gloss Color

Spring really is here, we just don't know it yet. Lovin these painted chairs/tables mixed with the warm woods. Organic + Modern + a sign of

I just realized it yesterday when my sister, Julie, pulled me out of my indoor rut. She grabbed me to go for a drive to look for fresh, pliable grapevine. Yes, you heard that right...grapevine...I took on a job that I wished I had not.
I agreed to make grapevine valances for a dear old friend who loves Victorian decor. I thought it would be simple, fun, and give me a change of scenery for a day or two. I purchased my supplies at the wholesale floral shop, came home, and began trying to unravel the store bought grapevine wreaths. Utter crackly mess!! I got in a bad mood. A real bad mood. Will even tried to tell me to talk me out of my bad mood...he said to go on a drive to look for it, just like my mom used to do. I told him I didn't want to waste hours looking for grapevine in my whiny voice. {Sorry, Will. You were right.}

Julie came by and picked me up, in my Wellies and clippers.

We had fun driving down alleys thru all the huge, muddy, pot-holed puddles. We remembered the good old days when mom would take us to find grapevine and then we'd make loads and loads of grapevine wreaths to sell on our street corner. Mom was ahead of her time and so creative. People snatched those wreaths up as fast as we made them.

It didn't take long for Julie and I to find an abandoned old property in the center of town. The house sits on a property that has been zoned to be torn down due to a flood that continually rips thru that flood plain. We ventured onto the large 'countrified' property and discovered a sweet little pond with a momma and papa duck sitting quietly {A real sign of spring}. AND...Sitting next to it, a sweet patch of honeysuckle w/pliable, green centered vines + grapevine! We pulled and tugged just like mom. Took all of an hour to feel invigorated and restored.

Spring has sprung. What new things are you doingthis spring?

{images via Skona Hem, Coco and Kelley and Elle Decor}

Happy Spring, darlings!


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Little Lunalu

Hey, moms of little ones...What are your favorite kid/baby sites? Nursery Decor blogs? Do share.

I love the adorable and stylishly hip Little Lunalu. I saw this picture of a little hamburger joint over on her blog...It's in the UK, where the mom/author lives and operates her own little shop. I think T'would be so fun to sip a milkshake while sitting on one of those barstools. Don't you?

Little Lunalu has asked me to share the finished nursery I've been working on. I will hopefully be wrapping that up in the upcoming weeks. Meanwhile, I'm busy planning for Easter Tablescapes, and Kid's tables for all of the upcoming spring weddings I've got going on. I've decided to create a "BE LOUD" table for the little ones. Doing the Dont's, I know.

Hope you are having a lovely week, loves!


Monday, March 8, 2010

The Secret Garden: Robert Shapiro

Without a doubt, I think everyone and their next door neighbor's dog is ready for spring, and gosh darnit... I wish I had this garden!! I just nearly flipped when I saw this article in May 2009 Elle Decor Issue.
In the heart of bustling L.A., Richard Shapiro has created a paradise. 700 boxwood ago, this property was just another Southern California back yard with a manicured lawn, some palm trees, and a 1950's swimming pool. The image of the pool situated in front of the Roman Style temple {portico} nearly took my breath away. The pool has been painted algae green and the stones have been distressed. A stunning recreation.

Definitely could've fooled me. I thought this paradise was set in Europe. Did you?

Mr. Will has been itching to ready our North side yard up like this one. We went to a green house auction last weekend and came home with lots of evergreen trees and bushes. Some of the trees are half dead, but if anybody can bring 'em back to life, Will will. That's his name.

So, What are your spring plans? Any garden projects?

Images by Miguel Flores-Vianna

Happy week to you, darlings!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sharon Taylor Designs is featured on Hostess With the Mostess

I know a lot of you have seen the images from this baby shower, but

I just had to share the blog love we just received from Jenn over @ Hostess With the Mostess. She featured the vintage circus baby shower that photographer, Janae Hardy captured for us.

Jenn made us look and sound so great with her complimentary words and wonderful text. Thank you Jenn and Jenn S!! To read the feature, click here.

I'll be working on the Staxx Windows this week. Spring Skies is the theme. Deadline for installation is Tuesday at high noon.

Have a wonderful day, darlings!!


Monday, March 1, 2010

Pal + Smith Design Crush

Melissa and Marc Palazzo of Pal + Smith have the coolest house ever! Cool and Genius. Their whole house just oozes with eye candy...and this bedroom and everything in it, starting with the oversized turquoise lamps and colorful rugs are really taking a huge, huge tug at my heart. P.S. They have a really clever website too.
{images via Ruby Press}

Hope you had a wonderful weekend. I took on a wonderful old client {friend} that wants grapevine valances plus oodles of fake fruits and ivy. Waiting for the motivation to zap me.

Have a wonderful week!