Monday, December 19, 2011

For the Kids

How much online shopping have you done this year? I'm so thankful as a last-minute type mom to find a few online things. It's just clickety-click fast. These two things should arrive by Friday for my bambinos. The dress is from Saks and is only $30. And the one piece is from baby gap. I'm a sucker for cable knit sweaters.

Hope your week is stress free and filled with happy,cheery Christmas punch.



JWK said...


pve design said...

After hearing the news of a woman seriously injured....imagine getting run over in a parking I have done lots of ordering with a click or a call and I must admit, it has really been pleasant not to venture out.
Those outfits are precious. What will MOMMY wear?
Happy Holidays!!!

A Lifestyle Thing said...

Thanks JWK! And, pve, I had not heard that awful story! I don't even want to get out at all after hearing that! Have no idea what I'll wear. Probably all black.

Happy Holidays to you and your families!


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