Thursday, January 27, 2011

Studio Board Series: #2 + some fun news

Clever Vignettes 

B&W Striped Awnings:  So a pair of Vans or Chuck Taylors

Studied Work of Art:  This ROOM!


Antiquified Beautz

Simple Warmth

Whimsy + Wallpaper

As you can see, My second color scheme for the new studio/showroom builds on a neutral grey-brown.  I found the perfect shade.  Anything looks good against it.  It's warm.  It's rich.  It hides dirt and kids' fingerprints perfectly.  Slate, be the color. We're covering the ceiling with it too.  We think it'll make our chandeliers really pop.

Are you looking to find that perfect shade?  Let me help you.  As always, we give freeeeee in-home consultations.

LOCAL Excitement: I still haven't seen or read our very own locally written, filmed, and wonderfully acclaimed, Winters Bone, by Daniel Woodrell. Eleanor and Will read it and absolutely loved it.  SO excited for all involved and for the surprisingly-wonderfully-high number of Four Oscar Nominations the movie received!  I'm going to try to catch the movie at the Moxie this weekend.

AND TONIGHT:  SIX sister night tonight.  We're celebrating our sister, Lizzie's birthday.  I'm proud to say my sisters are my best friends. Since we all have kids and hardly ever go out, we're making it a night out.  Probably Sushi.  Happy Birthday, sista' Elizabeth Ann Arnold!

images via a perfect grey, this is glamorous, julie blackmon {one of my five sisters}.

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