Saturday, January 1, 2011

Trust Yourself: You Know More Than You Think You Do!

The new year is about setting goals.  Yes.  I will get to that later in the week. I like the idea of reminding myself what I do best.  Not bragging. 

I had a friend who bought me a magnet a few years ago as I was just starting out on my own in business.  Starting out from scratch in the scary business world, this magnet spoke "magnet"-udes to me. The magnet reads: Trust Yourself:  You know more than you think you do!  It was a gift from a person who believed in me.  Let me just say, I'm so thankful for that person for many reasons.  MmmMMUAH!

Ever get down on where you are? Snap out of it.  We don't hear, or don't listen to that little bird of praise in our heads nearly enough. I challenge you to write your best-ests out on paper, pin it up, say it out-loud to yourself, chalk it up on your sidewalk, &/OR blow yourself a little horn for once! You deserve it.

1.  Hey Sharon G. Arnold-Taylor!!:   You created some smooth-sailing and fun detailed parties in 2010.  You also created some detailed environments that were peaceful, stimulating, soulful, and green all at the same time.

2.  You worked hard.  Got 'er done every time.  Never stopping, procrastinating, or forgetting the whole time who and what you were doing it for.  #1. Your children and family.  #2. Clients.  #3.  Friends.  #4. Your own passionate soul.

So, there you have it.  I hope you'll do your best-ests right now.  It's a good way to "cheers" yourself on.  

I'll leave you with an image below that just popped into my mailbox a few minutes ago.  It's a sneak peak into an upcoming project.  I gave a graphic designer my vision for some details for the equestrian themed birthday party that I'm designing/planning.  I gave Justin Skinner the details on Friday and here's what he has already come up with.  It's exactly what I was wanting!  Darling, isn't it?

Happy "Cheers-ing" to yourself and be sure to also make this one of your new goals for the new year:  Read this wonderful blog this year:  It's a blog of endless inspiration to me and where I found all of the inspiration pictures above.  Anna Spiro, a blogger, interior designer, shop owner from Brisbane, Australia.  I know you will love her too.

Happy New Year!


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