Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Motor Running!


I love:  

1. vintage cars
2.  chocolate
3.  kids in military jackets
4.  twin beds
5.  grace kelly and cartier
6.  amaryllis
7.  classic stationary

...still thinking on the other three things...

8.  snow covered streets
9.  LOVE
10.  two oxen pulling the cart the same way.


As I prepare for wedding show and shop opening, I'm loving red! 

 THOUGhts Today: 
*I think a red mercedes would be the perfect prop for designing a wedding.  

*This week, I'm having red drapes made for the shop and looking at words that symbolize "LOVE" to be added to my brochures and signs for weddings.

*Beautiful text is what I go weak in the knees over, and who represents classic beauty more than grace kelley?
So, what are you all loving right now and what really gets your motor running?  And what does love represent to you?  

I'm getting ready for give-aways as the countdown begins for shop opening.  Get your boots on and sign up as a follower!  You might just be happy you did.


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