Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Thoughts of Gorgeous

Thoughts for Today:

*Sylvie's favorite color is pink. She loves talking about her birthday that is coming in April and tells me where each of her friends will sit when they come to her party.

*We'll be loading goods + presents to take to the store very soon.

* Keys to heart, soul, happiness, knowledge, truth, an end of pain and sadness, a promise that it will end just right.

*Hybernating Comforts.

*Spring flings + dinner clubs at Pickwick House.

* And, now, my dear friends, I would love and welcome your ideas for workshops/parties for the store.  

* I am also taking submissions for art {hand-made and fine art}.  We will select only a handful, as we'd like to focus on keeping the store streamlined and in-line with our brand.

*If you're in the Midwest region, I'm also looking for special guest artists in the following fields: d.i.y., entertaining, food, and craftiness. Guest artists will be featured at our store's events each month.  Send all submissions to sharontaylordesigns@yahoo.com by the end of February.  Please send three to five images.

Thanks.  Have a good Tuesday, my sweet ones, and please pass the word on to others you know that we are getting ready for a six day give away!

Smiles & Light!


images via stars masquerading, apartment #34, and design*sponge.

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