Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Studio Board Series: #1 of 2

Casual & Calm, yet fun! 
Gotta Love Glam + Crystal Chandeliers

A Touch of Boho + Mod Smartness
Paper Packages Tied with String + Wax Seals.  Sweet, Humble + Classy.
Old + New World Italiano 

Frenchie Boho. No More War.

Book Warmers

Vintage Linen + Big Splash of Color
images via apartment #34, a perfect grey, domino, this is glamorous

While planning the studio/store, I've been doing some serious going back and forth on decision making on choosing the color for the store.  Color is so important.  I brought a panel of people in to help me decide.

Not only do I want my style and brand to come thru, I want the store to be appealing to a larger population, where styles range widely all across the board in this Midwest region.  I love many styles too, so I'm going to mix it up with Casual & Calm, Stylish-Industrial, Eclectic, Rustic, Classic, and glistening glam touches.

I'll have Studio Board: Inspiration Series #2 tomorrow....Because I just HAD to go with one more color scheme.

Hope your week is going well and don't forget to swing back by for the BIG six day give-away coming up next week!  We've got some that you {especially you, locals}, won't want to miss. 


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