Thursday, December 31, 2009

Flutes + Crowns or Fruits + Clowns = Happy New Year!!

Flutes + Crowns or Fruits + Clowns....However you want to look at this vignette or tableaux. Subtotal of the two = Happy New Year Salutations! With tax = BAD Hangover. {I hope not the latter} And no, I'm not saying we shouldn't pay taxes.

Here's our DIY kitchen all decked out for the Taylor-Made New Years Bash: Pretty primitive...down to the bubbly {in the sink}. I've had people ask me how I live w/out a dishwasher. Well, my response is called kid's chores. I've taught my kids well, since I'm the expert on dishwashing. They say that once you've done something 10,000're considered a real expert in that area. I have.

DIY shelves made from scrapping a throw away junk-style cabinet + industrial looking L-brackets.

I made a super simple DIY Paper crown today to put on Beethoven. How do you like it?

Champagne flutes and gifts have been given some felt stick-ons. It's the countdown {in case you didn't notice}. I bought the stick-ons at the local craft store for like $3 dollars.

I'm super proud that I actually got out the sewing machine to sew the kitchen sink skirt all by myself. Fabric is Amy Butler.

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