Thursday, December 3, 2009

Black Forest Sundae Kitchen by Sharon Taylor Designs

Here's a little Black Forest Sundae edition of a kitchen {same client}. I just this week topped the dark chocolate floors off with the whipped creme and red cherries...{Oh, how I love a good pun!} I really need help...Am I strange to want to name these rooms after food? What does this mean? I'm sure it means I have an eating disorder of some sort, among many other things...

O., but this room is just
VERY, don't you think?

Lately, I can't get over watching my little Sylvie slide around in her swirly bottom black tights and new {large} red coat. Never do I have any luck getting a smile out of her for the snap.

Currently obsessed w/Miles Redd eclecticism.

I've been so busy decorating everywhere else but my own home. How are all your homes coming along? I'm seeing some fantastic Holiday cheer in the neighborhood! I mean, more greens than ever are going up around here. Very heart warming. Cheerful big wreaths, pony tails {that's what my sister Rosie calls her door swag}, and lights that really say "Glad Tidings".

I say big "Bravo!" for Happy Holidaying!



nathalie said...

Sharon your little girl is beautiful! Look at her styling already. So I was going to email you to ask about those chairs. Love them. Are these the same that were hanging at Staxx? And that Frame chalkboard. AHHH I LOVE IT!!!

A Lifestyle Thing said...

Thank you Nathalie! The chairs are the from the same set you have seen at Staxx. They are from a set of 12. Six at Staxx, and Six at her house. They are pretty fantastic, aren't they? Thanks for your sweet comments. xo~ sharon

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