Sunday, December 27, 2009


I hope you had a few nice Holidays over the weekend.

I did a lot of twirling over the Holidays.

First twirl about:
I was given the award for Best 417 Window Designs {windows by Sharon Taylor Designs @ Staxx.} I did a little twirl around after hearing of this award. I got dizzy and fell. No skinned knees. {Tweaking on the twirling to come...}

Other Twirl-Abouts: Twirled up a few paper discs for some parties and weddings {pink and blue ones for a photo shoot to come + Tutorials coming soon also}. {The brown gift box was for my aunt and uncles 50th} Happy 50th Jim and Polly!

Also, over the Holidays...Will's mom made at least ten of the most outstanding gourmet meals I've ever eaten...{for the whole lot of the 10+ family}! All I did was twirl the dish sponge around and watch her twirl her Martha Stewart-like creations. One of my favorites she made: Panetone Bread Pudding w/Custard, Pumpkin Drizzle and Whipping Creme.

Recap of Year:
First, I launched, then the lifestyle blog a bit later in the year. In a quick turn-about off of those two things, I found my work being published among some of the best online sites in the design industry + the phone started ringing w/new clients and it hasn't stopped ringing since. Thanks again for all of your support!!

Sorry about the over usage of twirling. Once I find a word I like, it's over and over again until I'm done.

I'm done.



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