Friday, December 4, 2009

An Argentinian Dining Set to Cry For by Sharon Taylor Designs

A real quick post today...I'm off to pick up some emerald green rail-roaded drapes today from the work room. So excited to use them for an interior shoot today in a cobalt blue dining room.

Here at the end of the busiest year I've had in the business...I'm setting aside time to try to have ten interior rooms professionally photographed. These are all my projects that have not been shared yet. So, yes, all my 'talk' will now be a for real thing . My good friend, Sesha Shannon of Convey Studio Photography is going to be giving them life by capturing them at their best. I am nervous, anxious and excited all at the same time. I hope it all delivers.

Shout Out: I have been so very fortunate to have some of the best people, friends, family and photographers that have been willing to take a chance on me. Thank you!!

It's been a wild ride since I stepped foot into this thing called a design career three years ago, but I am officially hooked on it! Ups and downs along the way have made me stronger, and I have truly enjoyed the lessons learned on each project I've taken on. Many, many lessons learned that I hope to pass on to readers and viewers.

So here is a set of chairs that I found a flea market for my sister's dining room. They gave me ugly eyes when I first found them. {Think yucky Glossified dark wood finish from the seventies with a 1980's rosette styled fabric}...wish I had the 'befores'!

I gave them a lacquered high gloss black finish and white leather upholstery + nickel tacks and VOila, I WANT! Do you like? Also, I found the amazing Czechoslovakian chandelier for her as well.

Gotta run and get my stylizing game on for the shoots!


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