Thursday, December 17, 2009

Favorite Family Things: A Horner Family Post

For the Holidays, and as a goal for the New goal is to live like a kid again. Being a kid again for me means being a kid in the middle of a large family, withIN the largest family...ever. A big fam is grand. Never a dull moment and sadly, never enough food!

You know who inspired me to take a trip down good ol' memory lane today? My cousin Laura. Laura suggested blips and pics of things that are pretty much universally loved by me, my 99 million first girl cousins, my 5 sisters, my 5 aunts, my 2 girls, and my mom and grandma in heaven. I'm almost sure we were all born with a few of the same unconscious patterns, gravitations, and ideas...{special Ode to Grandma Horner}. The boys will have their faves to come too...

That's my cuz, Rachel, and daughter Naomi pictured w/their freshly cut do-it-yourself bangs. Love em!

A VERY condensed version of Favorite Family Things:

Laura: Maidenhair ferns, porches, fur, brooches, babies, do-it-yourself haircuts with {oops} short bangs.
Carrie: Poems, musicals, radiators, ghost in the graveyard, Lemonade, hot glue, beads, buttons, too many mirrors and never enough chairs, bikes w/ten baskets, dish towel blouses, murals.
Rosie: Hand-me-downs-and-downs-and-downs, trash/treasure digging, walking @ night with just mom, bunk beds, candy bars cut into 9 pieces and getting the biggest piece, spray paint, Dollar General, leaf houses, playing outside in 0 degree weather and sweating our hats off, peeling potatoes in dish towel blouses, doing dishes w/no dishtowels, beans and white bread...
Millie: paying for McDonalds in dimes, movies @ the plaza tower, sliding down the banister @ Horner house, static church dresses that stuck to your tights like glue, the Heritage, and DEADLY red rover...
Me: Duck tape, alluminum cans, running (instead of walking) from the parking lot into the grocery store, drawing an imaginary boundary line down the middle of a full size bed I shared w/Jeanie, forgotten siblings left @ church, the outhouse @ Mineral, Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair...

Laura, thanks for the inspiration for the Favorite Family Things idea! Babies might have to top the list though, don'tcha think?

As Paul Arnold {my dad, who's also in heaven} would say..."This place is Grand Central Station!!!" {Which could mean good or bad, depending on the day...but MOSTLY good. And we know we wouldn't change the chaos for anything!} It's a Wonderful Life!

Go get some ribbon candy now and leave it out all year round, just like Grandma!

Love you all!

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