Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Life

My work day was jammer-rood {full}. I think I'll have a seat on my make believe french-like sofa, and reflect on what New Life is croppin up around here...

Starting off: Stripey jammer-rood girl here {these are Sylvie's new little night-nights + accessories}. I discovered a new function for accidental shrunken wool sweaters... {I'm proud to say I invented something pretty cute out of my scatter-brained-edness a few years back}. Call me crazy...but at least I'm not boring {that's a line a friend of mine uses a lot...I just love, don't you?!}.

Okay, here's the crazy part How to: Cut those 'skinny' arm sweaters off at the arm-pit and give a baby some sweet little leg-warmers instead of arm-warmers. Better yet, give yourself or a stylish teenage girl some warmth too. I like to go to the DAV and find any old nubby dollar sweater for this purpose. No hemming necessary. {One sweater makes two leg-warmers!} That's the crazy part, huh?!

Next up: Eleanor's room needed a make-over. BAD. It's probably totally apparent, huh? Bah-Bye Robins Egg Blue! Hello Shaker Grey. Will, Eleanor, and Michael have been going full force on it.

Do you see Eleanor's squatty little signature on the quarter-round? Well, she signed her name here back when she was in the first grade without my knowledge. When I found out she did this, I was so mad at her. She explained to me that her teacher had told a story about how the previous owners of a really old home had carved their names into the wall. Well...Eleanor wanted to leave her she decided to sharpie it! I'm chuckling, because isn't it ALWAYS the sharpie or scissors that they find??!!
I don't think I ever embraced her "piece of writing" until now. This is the year of her 16th birthday, so perhaps that's the reason I want to kiss her over and over along with her sweet little piece of history-making. We won't be painting over it.

AND Lastly, I hope we live here forever in this little old house that mom breathed new life into just before she passed.

Happy New Year!


Crystal @ Plush Palate said...

Happy New Year Sharon! Can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve in 2010. Surely lots of inspiration and creativity!


A Lifestyle Thing said...

Thanks Crystal!!

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