Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sneak Peak of an Early Christmas Present by Sharon Taylor Designs

Remember the red 'hooker-chic' headboard I found for a client? Well, here it is, hot off the truck! {Again, I apologize for my photography skills}. Still searching for some killer side tables to compliment this curvy bed. We're thinking either rustic-modernism, or sleek-industrial.

My client has little ones who like to snuggle up aside a mama and a papa on occasion. So, when choosing the fabric for reupholstering this piece, we knew that we needed something resistant to kid-like actions...i.e., super-hero flightiness, artistic marker renderings, and sweet little lolly-pop kisses. I selected a deeper grey colored canvas, that is warm, heavy-duty, and ultra cheap ($5.99 per yard = $36 total for fabric). That's cheaper than pre-made gravy! And, on top of that...It was a Pottery Barn remnant.

The bed installation went w/out a hitch, just as I had planned. Hanging it on the wall and then reinforcing it w/two L brackets underneath was no problem at all for these guys.

More to come on this bedroom redo. Also, stay tuned in, because I have some other exciting new design things happening this week and all the rest of the month.

I'm off now, to design a 2010 New Years wedding, using creme burlap runners on long harvest tables... it's going to be beautiful!

Have a wonderfully cheerful week!


ClothesMinded said...

It's amazing! I can't wait to see the completed room!

A Lifestyle Thing said...

Thanks Rachel! I can't wait either.

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