Friday, November 11, 2011

Project Progress: Bone + Ice

Happy Friday!

I have the most lovely client.  She's a cool woman in her fifties who is young-spirited, artsy, well traveled, and kind.  She has a hip, steel grey hair cut, loves all shades of grey from charcoal to marbled rock, to shiny metallics.  Her wardrobe reflects the same.  I'm most envious of her amazing collection of geodes, crystals, and rock conglomerates!  I tell you, she's cool and I'm lucky.  Here's progress at her new condo.  It's a photo taken from my i-phone, so I hope you can see past the fuzziness.

Yesterday, I added the lonie mae pillows to the the u-shaped vintage sofa.  The bone colored pillows are warming up the icy effect of the the crystals, sequins.  We're getting ready to warm the walls up with some large prints with some similar tones.

Notice the cabinet in the background?  That's a vintage 60's hutch that was originally an orange-ish brownie color...we painted it in the same Martha Stewart metallic that I used on the sunburst mirror in her foyer.

Love this bone + ice print.  It could easily fit into my client's house.

Loving nature...
I'm feeling a bit distracted this friday with all the fall beauty around.  I may drive down to Arkansas and take a gander at things and nature with my little-fam.  I hope you can find some pretty fall distractions this weekend!


Brooke Davis said...

This looks awesome. I love how you set up the furniture. Honestly I believe a New Condo to be plenty beneficial, and I think many should live in a condo. I actually came across one last year and decided to stay in another condo because I felt at home!

A Lifestyle Thing said...

Hi Brooke. Thank you so much. xx

Brooke Davis said...

You are welcome!

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