Thursday, November 3, 2011

Foyer Progress

Here's a little more progress on my client's foyer.  Picture is a little fuzzy and dark, but what do you think?

The overhead light is a pottery barn capriz pendant... it's a readymade portable{with chain and plug-in}.  We had it cut and mounted to a ceiling cap to make it a permanent fixture.  It's similar in shape to the large-scale commissioned globular pendant that's in the dining room.  We're building upon a theme of spheres, which was the client's initial idea to start with.  Hence my idea for the door, the sunburst, and circular looking sofa that I'll share soon as well.

I stopped in her place last night to check on the art installation. The carpenter mounted a beautiful marble-veined vase on top of a rustic wood column.

The gold sunburst mirror I posted yesterday needed to brought down a notch, so we used a Martha Stewart glaze from Home Depot, called anchor grey.  We used it on several other pieces in her place too.

More from this project to come...

Happy Thursday!  And don't forget that we're getting ready for a Holiday Open House this weekend!



Avonna said...

Looks great! What did you end up using for a table top surface?

A Lifestyle Thing said...

Thank you Avonna! We ended up having mirrors cut and did an oxidation process to it to make the mirror look as if it is old and aged looking. I don't know if you can see it very well on the top. Thanks for complementing the foyer. I can't wait to show off the other two rooms we've been working on!


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