Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Guest Blog: Marissa with Thanksgiving Interiors

Hi Everyone and Happy Thanksgiving!  Marissa, my wonderful p.r. intern, is popping in today with some of her own inspirations for this holiday on a special blog post.  I really loved the pumpkin idea she posts below!  I'll be doing the table scaping at my mother in laws today...in preparation for thanksgiving day tomorrow.  Using gold pumpkins, antlers and some bits of nature.  I'll be sure and share some pics from our family dinner with you...meanwhile, here's Marissa!

Keeping with the fall theme, I (Marissa) will be showing you how I would design my home for Thanksgiving. There is a way to make your house feel that giving sprit without being tacky. I will show you a few of my favorite home decorations.

Lets start with your door decorations. A wreath on your front door is a good way to being your guests experience into your home. I think all your decorations should say something about self. Make sure to choose a wreath that goes with the overall theme of your home.
Small fall decorations around your house can be very simple. The decorations shown below can go in your kitchen, on your dinner table or your living room table. You can completely transform your typical pumpkin by just painting it and applying some scrapbooking letters.
I really like this next Thanksgiving themed decoration. You can use the same picture frames around your house and insert an image like below. Having interchangeable pictures can really change the whole theme of your house.

Thanks Marissa!  Love the last idea of interchanging pictures out for the holidays!

To all of you out there who read my blog and listen to my boring stories....thank you!  I really do love you and always love hearing from you.


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mackenzie said...

Great ideas. I love the interchanging pictures. I will have to buy a few more picture frames because the only ones I have are leather picture frames and I don't think they go with every holiday. Thanks so much for sharing. I just bought a house and this will be the first time I get to decorate.

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