Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Learn a SIMPLE plate setting

Last year, I donated a table scape package to a wonderful cause.  The doula foundation.  The winner of the package asked me to put together a special table scape for a dear friend's birthday party.  The client was beyond happy when they saw the final result, but in addition to his complements, I heard the sweetest complement thru a friend of a friend about the work I did for this special party.  That warms my heart to hear that I can somehow be helpful in making a party memorable.  Have I told you, I LOVE my job?

What are the things you love to do to make a holiday memorable?  To me, it doesn't have to be elaborate or expensive.  

For this fallish-toned table scape pictured above, I wanted to do a simple place card setting and take-away.  Here's what I did...

1.  Since the dinner was Italian, I decided to use something used in a lot of Italian cooking.  Garlic.  Fresh garlic.  Inexpensive.  I took a knife and put a slight cut in it to hold a cardstock name card.

2.  For the custom take away, I made a bookmark using some leather strips I found at a local leather shop. I think they were $1 each.  Then, I took thin, copper tubing and fed it thru the top of the leather strip to make a fancy curly-cue topper.  The strip then became a fancy, looking book mark that looked like an expensive thoughtful gift.  To me, the bookmark was the perfect-little-useful-something to use going into the winter months.  A good gift made simple.  Cheers!


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