Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tiny Luxuries

Remember the Vday bash I was dreaming of having with ruffles, truffles + vintage perfume bottles w/messages tucked inside? Well, my good friend, Joann, has an amazing collection of vintage perfume bottles in her master bath. Her collection, {pictured here} is what gave me the inspiration for this type of bash. She always has the best luck finding remnants of things that look like they've come from wonderful old castles. She also lives in a castle {a big house out East of town} right now, but is getting ready to downsize to a {cottage} darling revamped old house... in our neighborhood!! She's excited, and I'm so happy to have her closer. For all you locals in the hood...you'll probably see all her beautiful chandeliers going up inside the house on the corner of Cherry and Weller very soon. Give her and her family a warm hello when you see her there in a few weeks. AND, if you'd like to see more of her work and killer treasures, you MUST go visit The Market, in the Brentwood Center. She has a dream world of style in there. {You'll know it when you see it.}

I know this is sorta cheesy, {and not at all like me}. Please don't gag...but what if, instead of sending love notes this Vday to JUST our sweeties, we would send one to our dearest girl friends as well. I have just a few. And Joann is definitely one of them. I love Joann for many reasons. She's always been there for me. Thru thick and thin. But, more than that, she's wise beyond words. She's got more depth than the deep blue sea. I LOVE her made-from-scratch, no nonsense, classy, gutsy, hysterical, and stronger-than-an-ox spirit. And, I love her chandeliers! Yes, I love you, Joann.

So, what about all of you out there...Do you have a special friend like that? Maybe they'd like a sappy, sweet note. Write it out by hand, tie a string around it, and tuck it in a perfume bottle...{Vintage bottles are at The Market}. Go there and buy your friend {or yourself} a tiny luxury and fill it with the simple pleasure of love.

{Images from Vogue, Saipua, Bliss}

Blissful day. Waiting for snow to hit.



ClothesMinded said...

I *think* we share our special friend, JoAnn. I'm lucky enough to call her "Mom" and Ella just calls her Mee-Maw - and we both love her dearly!

Post Grad Hair Cut said...

I totally have a friend like this. I like your blog, by the way!

A Lifestyle Thing said...

Rachel, you are so lucky! And, she is so lucky to have a daughter like you! Of course, I just love your whole family. Looking forward to seeing more of all of you! xo

Post Grad- Thanks for liking my blog! I'm glad you have a friend like my friend. Everyone should have at least one of those.

Meg said...

Just trying to figure out how to comment on your blog, Sharon. Love this post, btw. The pictures are so dream-y.

Sarah Klassen said...

Pretty color scheme and combination!


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