Monday, January 18, 2010

...Birthday Bash Continued!

Hi friends! Here's another batch from the bash. I hope you enjoy.

Here are the Deets...

Trophied Bouquets: {who else but the Orchid Lady?}. Sadly, my camera went dead just before I could capture all of the other trophied bouquets. Each one was blissfully different than the other.

Party Hat: Taylor-Made by me. The topper on top was made with pipe cleaners and gold vintage buttons that looked like irish coins.

How do you like the Rah-Rah {pom-pom} pyramid of Taylor-Made favor boxes {dedicated to The Fighting Irish}? I can only take tiny credits on these. My talented and artsy friend, Donna, made the gold yarn poms. Aren't they just perfect? She just came up with the idea on a whim while we were crafting late, late the night before the party. I was completely out of ribbons...and DID NOT want to have to make another run to the craft store the next morning. Thanks for the sweet touch, Donna!!

Cookies: You'll be hearing and seeing more of these, but I'll start here with this...

My little, {but a lot taller than me}, Eleanor has decided to Jump Out of the {teenager} box with her own baking biz. She's a budding artist, baker and bike rider {saving up for four wheels}. How do you like her drop-dead little darlings??!! She tucked them into the favor boxes {and I tucked a few into my mouth...cookies not boxes}. I have to tell you, Eleanor has been baking these goodies for the family for awhile now, but most recently, she has added her signature painterly touch to the icings on top. Just wait 'til you see and/or taste her valentine cookies!! She's taking custom orders the dozen or singly {tucked and boxed to Taylor-Made perfection}. Perfect for a Sweetheart, or Classroom Party Treat. Give me a ring if you'd like to place an order.

I'd love to throw a valentine bash or two of my own. I'm tossing a few ideas around. What would you think of a Vintage Perfume Bottle Exchange {empty bottle filled with your own handwritten message} + Sweet Ruffles {attire worn} + Truffles Party? Thoughts? Ideas?? Spill people. I love to hear your creative ideas!


Melissa Y. Allam said...

Great ideas for this party. The cookies look so good and I love the idea of arrangements in trophies.

A Lifestyle Thing said...

Melissa, thank you! I had fun with this event, even though I'm no football fan!!

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