Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Snowed In!

It's single digits here. Plus snow!! These two things = a lotta clothing flyin on and off {soggy socks, mittens and other woolens}, which is in turn making the laundry piles grow {needlessly faster}... I'm wishing those piles would fall back into the single digits soon and very soon!!

Took Syl-Syl out in her new sled last weekend. She loves it. I scoped a few table scape photo-shoot spots while out too. I've got some icy inspirationals...just need a full-blast heater to help me w/the set-up. Any body got some hot air and time to blow on me? I'd truly love some willing hands {clad in wool}. I have special hot chocolate. Now, mind you...this is Not cocoa! It is Hot CHOCOLAT {real dark chocolate shavings simmered in hot creme + a dolling up of real whipping creme}! Ring me if you're in on it!

Jack London says, "You can't wait for have to go after it with a club." I think instead of a club, a shovel might work best for now. I do love his fierceness... It gets me fired up and ready to go strong everyday!

Don't forget to check back in...I will be guesting on a special decor blog comin up! We have several new interior projects going on around here in the New Year at Sharon Taylor Designs. Plus I'll be sharing some more sneak peaks of friend's and fam's stylish homes in the hood.

Hope you have a fan-icycle {fantastical} day!



ClothesMinded said...

Sylvia is such a doll! And I LOVE her sled!

Paige said...

Loved your post on "High-Heeled Foot In The Door".. You are a busy woman! Loved the last photo of your home. It is BEAUTIFUL!

Sarah Klassen said...

Little Sylvia is a darling :) How cute! Enjoy the winter wonderland + stay cozy this weekend*

xo, Sarah

pve design said...

Here via High-heeled foot in the door, only my feet are clad in the warmest and toastiest of booties, snow here too.
love your DIY addiction.

A Lifestyle Thing said...

Wow, Thank you, new followers! I was thrilled to be on High-Heeled...
Hope you're all staying warm. xo sharon

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