Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Kitchen Trend: Classic Lines + Modern Features

In restoring our 1930's American Colonial house, the words that keep echoing in my mind are "Appropriateness" and "Quality".

In designing our new 'old' kitchen, I have been stalling on decisions for the appliances.  Until I found these.

One of the speakers at Design Camp was a sub zero wolf rep and one trend she mentioned was that stainless steel is seeing a digression in the design world.   Surprising, huh?  Not really.  She shared some newer subzero models that are going back to the 'classic look' we remember from Grandma's house.  Classic with modern features.  While I'd love to go with sub zero, my heart keeps taking me back to these pictured above by AGA. 

We're about to push the 'go' button on these three AGA appliances  in 'vintage white'.  And, lucky for us, they just so happen to be hosting a promotion until December 31st!

I've spoken with several designer friends who use this brand who say that it is not only a beautiful and 'green conscious' brand, but that the cooking capabilities are amazing and super long lasting.  I'm curious though, because we are buying this product blindly.  {There aren't any on the showroom floor here in the Midwest!} Any of you out there using the AGA brand or do you have a brand of appliances that you would swear by?



Unknown said...

In every good British novel there's an Aga.

Jennifer Hyman said...

I'd love to have an AGA stove and you don't know what I'd do to get an AGA trifecta of gorgeousness in my home. Anyone wanna buy a kidney? I've never seen one up close and personal but have heard only wonderful things about them. Please post kitchen pics when those beauties are in!

A Lifestyle Thing said...

Jennifer, funny! We will post pics sometime in 2030. LOL! xx

A Lifestyle Thing said...

Dear anonymous. Love knowing there is an AGA in every british novel. I think I will name my AGA after some great British Royalty. haha!

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