Friday, October 5, 2012

Three Ways to Style a Dresser

This dresser is one of my all time faves at the shop.  The brass hardware gives me crazy-highs it's so cute! {Cannot believe it's still here.}  This week, I wanted to get my juices flowing after having a brain freeze on a project, so I decided to give myself a little one hour furniture-moving retreat at the back of the shop.   Vignette above is called 'wicker-treat'.  haha.  I hope you get my corny joke.  And yes, everything pictured is for sale in all of these vignettes.

I call this one 'babe-changer'.

And here's the 'deep blue' vignette.

If you'd like to buy this dresser or anything else you see here, or maybe you want to have me come to your home to put a fresh spin on things for you, just give me a call. I'm selling the dresser for $450.

Happy Friday!


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