Monday, October 22, 2012

Scenes from the Old and New House

I hope you were able to spend some time outside over the weekend with this beautiful weather we've been having.

I took my sketch pad outside with me while the baby napped and drew up some kitchen plans for the new house.  See the speckled stuff on the sketch?  Well, that's Bubs's doing.  Bubs woke up while I was mid sketch and, as most times when I'm concentrating on other things, he usually gets into stuff.  Often times, while I'm having he coffee on the porch, he can't stay away from a particular potted plant. He loves to run his fingers thru the dry potting soil.  He loves to scatter it too.  While I continued sketching, he became filthy, the porch became filthy and he made the sketch filthy too.  So, there you have it, a sketch with real grit.  Haha!

 This is what we're looking at right now in the kitchen.  Notice the plunger on the floor?  That's bubs's favorite toy.  Maybe he'll be a plumber!

This is the fish pond in our new back yard.  You can't tell from the picture, but it's actually a kidney shape.  I want it to be a rounded circle pond instead.  Will added the urn over the weekend. He plugged the fountain into it, and on his first try, he got it going!  It has a nice trickle sound with the water that gurgles and spills over the top.

The babies had so much fun with their cousin, Graham, who lives next door at our current 'old' house.   We will sure miss seeing and playing with him everyday.

What a golden weekend!  Wishing you golden skies and golden opportunities this week!


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Yelle said...

I love theirs in the pond!i bet it sounds so very peaceful.

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