Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Announcement:  I'm no longer accepting wedding planning or event planning clients at this time.

I'm now focusing on interior design clients and our own homes and projects.  By the way, we've added one more home to the renovation list.  In addition to the American Colonial we just purchased to renovate, another hoarder's home across the street from new home was presented to us at an offer we couldn't refuse.  Hoarders are landing in our lap like there is no tomorrow.  We plan on flipping this house and hopefully more.  The condition of this house is bad, bad, bad to the bone!  By bad, I mean REALLY bad.  Will is overseeing the two house's wall demolitions, and renovations on one street while I maintain the house and biz on Pickwick street.  It has been getting a bit confusing when we talk about where or what house we are working on during our daily project convos.  So, we need to come up with names for the houses.  Pickwick 1, 2.  U0, U1

Are we crazy?  Yes.  Are we excited?  Yes!  Will and I have a passion for saving and updating new homes. 

Here's a glimpse.  In a two week period, four of these have left the new house full of disgusting stuff.  I'll have to upload a pic of the exterior of the new house once I have more time.  Needless to say, between all the recent weddings, houses, and guttings...we've been doing a lot of loading and unloading!!  

Wish us luck. We NEED it!



Kendra Joy Skinner said...

wow! looks like tons of fun! Can't wait to see pics.

sarah wells said...

I'd love to have other homes to flip/design! Then I could stop driving my husband crazy with our own house projects. ;)

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