Monday, October 29, 2012

Design Camp Attendee, Austin Texas

Hi All.  

To those in the midst of preparing for hurricane Sandy:  My thoughts are with you.  Sending strength and good thoughts your way!  

I just returned from Design Camp in Austin, TX.  It was the first of a series of more camps to sweep across the US.  It was also a first time camp experience for me.  I found it to be completely amazing for many reasons.   First, and foremost, so I could educate myself more for you.  I figure I owe that education to you, my clients, here in the Midwest.

Above, is a pic of the portfolio case I put together to take to camp, using an inexpensive portfolio case from Walgreens, a gold coin thrifted brooch and red ribbon.  {Super easy, super inexpensive, yet classically organized looking and hopefully professional. hehe.}

HGTV personalities and celebrity designers, Lori Dennis and Kelli Ellis {co founders of Design Camp}were warm, funny, and very generous with their knowledge as well as their a-list line up of amazing speakers!  I was extremely honored that I was a chosen recipient to receive a free tuition pass thru Ronda Carman's blog, All The Best.  If you are a designer or  in the line of this industry, I strongly encourage you to go to one of the upcoming camps.  The next is slated for Atlanta, I believe.

Happy Monday!



Kelli Ellis said...

Loved having you at Camp - We can't wait to see you again!

A Lifestyle Thing said...

Thanks so much Kelli! It was so great meeting you and the camp was phenomenal! I will be seeing you again.


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