Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Good afternoon everyone!  I put together as close as I could the style board for our kitchen. As you may already know,  we are doing an all white kitchen with white appliances.  We were aiming for the classic style that the old house calls for.  We're doing just a regular white subway tile from Home Depot with the charcoal grout.   All the walls will be tiled midway up the wall, and then the range wall will be tiled from the countertop to ceiling.  We'll have carrara marble countertops, and a farmhouse apron front sink.  With it being all white and a LOT of tile, I know it might sound cold.  So I'm thinking we'll warm it up a bunch with warm woods, brass and aged silver trophies, oriental rugs, and other warming accents.

The kitchen is almost done.  Just waiting on the custom made brass etageres, some finishing paint touch ups, and extra tile work.  Our metal worker's boss recently had two unthinkable tragedies hit...his house was burned to the ground and within a few weeks, his daughter {a mom to four young children}, was killed in a car accident.  SO sad.  Unthinkable really.  Prayers for that family.  It's also been extra hard on our metal worker's work load too, who's wife is newly expecting and their young son has a disability.

I'm extremely grateful for the craftsmen and have come to love each one of them like family.  It's been a real pleasure. They have aimed hard to please and have worked with us on costs as well, in an effort to help us make our home a nice one that we can share with our readers and future clients.

I will tell you that our kitchen is nowhere close to the costs some might expect.  We sourced everything and every craftsman to the best of our researching abilities and hopefully it will pay off.  We didn't choose the local cabinet making company that carries a widely known name and a high dollar price tag.  And surprisingly, the marble we went with, is a marble that is comparable in price to any granite we could have gone with.   Oh, and the brass bucket you see pictured here is one I found at a local flea market for $19.  I found it retailing on OKL today for $450!  All this to say, yes, it might look and sound expensive or lavish, but in reality, we didn't break the budget like one might think.   We took the time to try to give it a thoughtful and reasonable renovation.

I hope to share pics soon.

Thanks so much for stopping in today!


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Hannah said...

the AGA! Gorgeous!

A Lifestyle Thing said...

Thank you, Hannah! I think so too:-) Can't wait to actually use it.

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