Thursday, March 14, 2013


Hi everybody.  In trying to update my blog with new buttons and gadgets and bells and whistles last week...I took it upon myself to make some changes to the blog template on my own.  AND I've messed it up, of course.  haha.  So, if you see text running over pics, that's me being a dumb-thumb once again.    I've put a call into my graphic designer, so expect some fun changes for sure by next week.

It's spring break and while I'm still working on client projects for the week, we all took took some time out as a family yesterday to wipe away the renovation dust and take our first batch of things to the new house.  It's starting to feel real, now.  Sylvia brought us over some home made cookies from Mimi's house while we were cleaning.  It sort of felt like a welcoming kiss yesterday.  I've been saying for a while that it doesn't really seem like it's our house, or that it really COULD be our house.  For the first time, it sort of did.

The upstairs floors won't be done for a while, but the basement is done.  One half of the basement will be the teen boys pad, the other half will be my office.   Will built their beds out of fence post lumber we bought at Lowes over the weekend.  

Here's Charlie and I testing out our vintage old-school USA map between their twin beds.  I LOVE old maps and globes.  Decorating with old maps is not a new thing, and it's certainly not a dying thing.  I think it will always be in style.  For any room in the house, really.  What about you?  Do you have old maps that you use in decorating? 

Here are some inspirations from pinterest that I thought you might enjoy...  

Sleekly framed and lit.  Classy.

South America old-school style.  Love the roll down maps.

 Do you recognize this one?  It's a map mural I had commissioned for jellybeans.

Decoupaged.  So cute.

French door framed.  Love the clever usages of maps.

Happy Hump Day!


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