Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Welp, we went dark ebony {thanks for the surprise gift, honey}.  I hope we're not sorry.  I'm already super excited about the darkness counter balancing the stark white walls.  We are going to do extra high gloss

We've received some mentions around the web. My internet friend, Amy, with the lifestyle blog, ABCDdesigns recently complemented our current house renovations on her blog.  Thanks, Amy!  You can see that Hicks Pendant post here.  ABCDDesigns is one of my regular blog rolls. You should make it yours too.

Amy is an incredibly tasteful tastemaker and talented in all the things that she touches.  Her fortes touch upon all that we love, here at Pickwick House.  They include: interior design, event planning, photo styling, window styling, and an appreciation for good food... although, she actually cooks the good food, {which is something I hope to aspire to do with my new stove}.

Funny story:  Amy is the one who initially inspired me to look into our AGA kitchen appliances.  And then, a couple weeks ago, within minutes of each other, she and I both posted our kitchen obsession of the moment with a post about the much talked about hicks pendants.  We really laughed about that.  Had to chuckle about our kitchens looking alike.

Also, I told you a few weeks ago about how I'm crushing on Bailey Mcarthy's designs.  Well, after I showered her with my love and adoration, we then engaged in email convo:)  She was very sweet.  I told her she would love my sister's art work, who's piece was coming up for auction soon in her town of Houston. Today, on her blog,  she's posted on my sister's work {julie blackmon}here, and then she was kind enough to put me on Julie's coat tails at the end.  Sweet!  {It kinda helps to have a sister who's world reknown.}

Btw, see and read both of these cute posts about Bailey's style on Matchbook mag, Part 1 here and Part 2 here.

More updates on the home front soon.  Btw, do you guys like reading my posts?  I admit, I'm feeling a bit insecure as it's sometimes met with lots of silence here./  I know you're reading.  I can see it.  THANK YOU so much for reading it!!!  I keep thinking I know I'm reaching people, but every now and then I'd just like to know if you're falling asleep on it, if it's just like reading the obituaries, or even better, if it's the gossip section.  haha.  I'm only lucky enough to be the fodder of all three, but most especially the latter:)  Now, don't get me wrong, the last thing I want to do is seem like I'm fishing for complements.  While I do appreciate nice complements, that's not what I'm aiming for.  When I ask/pose questions, it's because I want to know my readership.  What is it you are loving?  Reactions. Do you have things you want to share?  I LOVE hearing about them.

Now, for a little more honesty that I wasn't going to post, but then later decided to come back and add as an addendum to the original post above.  I don't normally like to get too deep here, but I felt I had to get this off my chest.

ADDENDUM:  {lawyer lingo....haha, had to use it.  You'll see why below:)}

Recently there have been numerous and continuing complaints made to the city over the last ten weeks about our house which is under going renovations.  Some 'one' in the neighborhood, whom we do not know and have never met, is complaining that we are  'devaluing the neighborhood'.   We recently found out that this person wants to potentially sue us as well as the city.  Honestly, this news really hurt.  Every now and again, it still hurts.  I've run the full gamut of emotions since finding out last week.   Alternating from hurt, to being mystified, then just, Well, feeling badly for the soon-to-be neighbor of ours who couldn't talk to us about his issue with us in person to begin with.

I do not know 'this person'.  But I now know that they will be a very close neighbor of ours very soon.

For those of you in and around our soon to be home,  I send apologies. I want to thank all of you for your patience.  I know it has to be so completely annoying to see dirty old trucks parked day after day.  Dust, mud puddles in our yard.  Ugly equipment setting outside {we currently use the garage as our woodworking workshop for the house renovations}. Week after week.  Month after month. On our behalf, at least no porta potties or dumpsters on curbs for months on end.

This seven month renovation has been a great deal of fun, as I've shared with you.  You know we love doing it and it sends thrills down our spines.  We've learned SO, SO much!  And while it's been fun, it's still been filled with challenges, then throw in some real life stuff, along with some family circumstances.   

We are a family of seven, trying to make strides to better a property that was pretty dreadfully gross for many, many years.  {Btw, I'm wondering if there were ever complaints made about the property in all those years before we purchased it?}  Anyway, we've been spending all of our hard-earned money and then some trying to make the house a betterment for our family that currently sleeps all of us in a tiny, three bedroom, 1 bath house. It's a tiny house that's served us very, very well, but we're so excited to finally see our kids finding a much deserved space of their own to stretch out, inside and outside too.  We'd like to think we were making improvements not only for ourselves, but for a neighborhood that is new to us as well.  Embarrassingly, we have made a future neighbor, {hopefully not a pluralized neighbor} very disappointed.  Even before moving in. No safety hazards or breaking of ordinances, or parking issues, mind you, just a 'devaluation' complaint made over and over again.

I know, and I'm sure you are full well aware of that old saying, 'You can't please everyone.'.  Most harsh stuff and negativity rolls pretty easily off my back the older and wiser I get, and the more I interact with the public.  But when you know that an anonymous person will soon live inches away, I admit, I want to say, "Hey, look, we really are TRYING, and we are almost done. Come by and introduce yourself sometime, mister anonymous.  We want to get along with our neighbors. We have high hopes for bringing positive energy to the hood.  We have chickens that lay eggs that we plan on offering all our neighbors.  Not for throwing as a mean sloppy prank.  But for cracking into the frying pan and enjoying as a nutritious and hopefully tasteful meal."  {Last comment was not meant to be snarky or malicious.}  There are a few things I've learned in my forty years of life, and now I'm trying to teach my kiddos too.  I've learned it's far better to kill with kindness and to under-react rather than to over-react.  I'm still working on that one.  I know I've over reacted to plenty of things in my life, especially to trees being chopped down, streets being closed, and a kid being bullied.   haha.  AND then some:))  But what I hope to always continue to do is grow from uncomfortable situations, misunderstandings, and injustice.  There are things we can learn from each other if we just talk.  And, that is why, I guess, I appreciate an open dialogue.

Okay, so pulling 'em all out and rounding up all these insecurities and what-nots and underlying intentions upon posting gritty emotions...

My main goal isn't to get comments, praise, or reaction.  Okay, maybe it's a small goal. I share these posts because we love what we do as a practice, and we strive to share our 'best, bad ideas'.  Our greatest desire is for you to maybe relate to it in some small way. Maybe learn from our tips and also from some of the mistakes we make.  Yet, I still have a curiosity for what you may like or dislike reading about here.  You could even tell me what you hate about what I share {as long as it's respectful}. As long as I can still call you a friend and neighbor, and better yet, a reader:)

You know how this internet thing gets a bad rap sometimes?  Sometimes, I admit, there are days where I wonder if the blog and postings of our work is the bane of my existence.  Especially when my kids seem as though they are raising themselves while I blog.  haha.  Just kidding.  {Sort of.}

Actually, this internet thing has been really good for a lotta reasons.  I'm proud to say it's where I've met many of you.  It's also enabled me to make connections with others who are meaning to make a difference in lives. Bloggers sometimes get a bad rap, but there are many bloggers who are truly putting GOOD, solid content out there.  I'm daily blown away by what I plug into, even by my friends who aren't bloggers are posting great content on their IG.  EVERYONE has something to share.  AND, a final thankful clap for this internet thing that has served as my cloud for 'resting some of my 'things' and thoughts, as I've done here tonight.

This is what's left of my rambling thoughts tonight.  Thanks for letting me share once again, dear readers.  I am SO aiming to be good to go on a regular, shortened update tomorrow:)



Shawnna Lines said...

I love the dark ebony floors! I can't wait to see the house!

A Lifestyle Thing said...

Shawnna, thanks so much! We can't wait to show you the house either. When do you get home from NY?

Sarah Jo Austin said...

As a neighborhood resident, it makes me sad that a neighbor didn't feel like they could talk to you guys, but change is hard, and for some of our neighbors who have lived here for their entire lives, I can understand why they might not want the disruption that a renovation brings. Do you have any contacts with the City who can look up who complained? Then you could make the neighbor cookies and invite them to see what wonderful things you're doing.

Regarding the blog, I think you're doing a great job! It helps to think of yourself as a blogger and to really own that identity. Blogging, social media, online integrated marketing is sorta my thing, so if you ever want to bounce some ideas around, let's grab coffee or something!

scox49 said...

Ignore the haters, they are just jealous, petty, and mean spirited people who do not have constructive things to do in their lives. Let them sue, at least they will not be anonymous at that point. Love all you are doing.

A Lifestyle Thing said...

Thanks Sarah. Those are good ideas and thank you for your complements! I would love to meet with you about updating some things on social media. I'm currently needing help in that arena and I don't know who to ask, so I'm glad to know that it's your thing. Let's do coffee soon!

A Lifestyle Thing said...

Scox49, Thank you. LOVE you!

Nicole Fuller said...

Your house is the prettiest one in the neighborhood. The value of our home has already gone up in value due to you, I'm sure of it. I am really surprised by this and sad. Keep up the amazing work and plug your ears and stick out your tongue. xoxo Nicole

A Lifestyle Thing said...

Nicole. The prettiest? I'm not so sure about that, but thank you!! You are too nice and I should've known you would make me laugh with your hilarious advice! I LOVE it!

Nicole Fuller said...

On another front, I read your posts everyday (you're now on my Bloglovin' radar and I usually copy the photos you post into a folder called "Someday". I love your work Sharon and have since the day you came into 417 Magazine and I stalked you for lunch. Thank you for sharing. Oh, btw, I want to know what neighbor it is so that I can send Huckleberry over with a present.

Stephanie Marazon said...

I'm not a commenter by rule, but I do occasionally make an exception. Let the complaints of your future neighbor go, it is only a short term problem. You seem to be handling this with grace. Keep that up. I like the blog posts about your storefront, and your design sense is interesting to me. House renovations are a particular favorite. Don't change a thing.

Shawnna Lines said...

I'm back from March 13 to March 23!

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