Wednesday, February 20, 2013


You've heard me touch on 'thoughtfully done remodel/restoration' in some of our recent home reno posts, but Barry Darr Dixon {one of my biggest design idols} recently brought the point home very simply and eloquently at Design Camp. "As a designer you have two clients.  The client and the home {building}."  Pretty simple, huh?  "Good, professional designers and contractors SHOULD value the home and it's architecture."

It's no secret that Will and I LOVE architecture and it's at the core of why we even fell in love.  We carry a big heart for that into every project, and I believe it really raises the value of what we do.

Pickwick House is a full service design/build company in the heart of the Midwest!  {Springfield, Missouri's Rountree Neighborhood}.  We handle all aspects of residential renovations from small to large projects and are available for full service and consultation design, and/or stylizing from East to West Coast.  Call or email us today.  We may be on location, but we'll get back to you in no time.

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