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I apologize, in advance for the long post.  You may not even want to venture far into this post.  Hehe.  Not only am I high on paint fumes, my nuttiness is apparently hitting mountainous height proportions in the likeness of Pikes-Peak-extremes after being cooped up in the house these last few days.   My hands are chapped and cracked from washing dishes, washing bedding over and over, and changing diapers, and I don't think I've showered or applied lipstick in days.  Very glamorous, I know.  Enough of my whines.

Baby has been sick for FOUR days, bless his weak little heart.  I'm grateful to be a caregiver, and mom, and I thank god for him and especially the abundance of kisses he's been laying on me in his little stomach bugged weak condition.  He's so sweet.

I'll tell you though, time off doesn't pay the bills, and it definitely doesn't make for good timing on projects.  Which begets and begs the question for intern searches for spring and summer.  I may need an intervention. Like a superhero, free-nanny.  And/or a superhero free-intern.  Holla!  Just kidding on the nanny front.  We'll be fine with his pre school and once he's better.

OKAY, up next now:

A vid and a bid [i.e., a Video + Bid-eo]  Ha.  This craziness, shall pass, right? I'll explain here.  { I promise I haven't been drinking wine. }

I decided to put on some short animation films to get inspired during the last few days.  I'm very picky about tv.  I don't like investing time into regular tv programs, due in part, to my a.d.d. tendencies and I can hardly watch a movie at home either.  But, my sisters watch shorts, and foreigns, so I I felt like with all this extra time here at home, I should at least try to get inspired with artful film.  I got sucked in by one artist in particular.

Especially by this one, and others by Jordan Bruner.

I feel like it is SO on topic for our culture movement right now.  On topic for the anxiousness we perpetuate ourselves.  If you're a local, from KC clear to Colorado and AT&T is your host, you might remember a few weeks ago, when the transponder went down.  Everyone from here to Colorado was without usage of their phones.  I immediately drove to AT&T store because I thought I must've forgotten to pay the bill {which is SO like me.} When I realized it wasn't the case, my relief quickly became overshadowed when I watched and observed customers flooding in behind me to the store with a crazed, frantic response to not being able to use their phones.  It was sheer panic and crazed-ness, I tell you.  Were you one of those?  I was too.  I was falling right in line with the masses!  

It is sort of eery seeing how times have changed, and how our culture has progressed from the genius technological revolutions.  We are so addicted to the fast paced-ness of 'time grabbers' and 'WANTING MORE and MORE' buttons and envelopes to push.  Where will be in ten years?

I'm curious as to your reaction to the video.  For some odd reason, mine was to go get our juicer out of storage, {perhaps because we're sick too much}, go plant some seeds in the dirt, and to sharpen the colored pencils.  Turn off gadgets more frequently. AND just let things and project progress naturally.   Do you have any short films you recommend?

Also, I'm curious, what do you working mom's do when little ones are sick?  Do you have back up for childcare or assistance to take care of the biz when you're not there to oversee projects?  

Okay, now, Here's my BID and/or BID-EO for student interns.   You will want to skip over this shim-in-ugh, and skip to my before/after pictures at the bottom of the post if you're not into 'internin'-learnin.

WHO: Current college/graduate students looking to work in one of the Midwest's leading boutique interior design/build firms.
WHAT: Interns will get to participate in the day-to-day boutique firm's departments, including project management on location, marketing and communications, collections, product sourcing, creative web development, and customer relations.
WHEN: Spring 2013 semester-Starting now, and Summer 2013
WHERE: Learn more about what we do.
Please send a resume + cover letter to
Applicants reviewed on a rolling basis.

Wanted: Web Development Intern.  Local Springfield business is seeking an Intern.  The candidate  would work closely with the business to enhance a currently working Web site and blog with over 200 followers.  The website is  The blog is  This internship begins February 18th, and could end at the end of the Spring 2013 term. I'm also seeking a summer 2013 intern as well.  Required: documentation and code.  Compensation is unpaid Creative Web Experience is a welcomed plus.  Contact: Sharon Taylor.

Effective starting immediately
Creative thinkers welcome!
Must be energetic and eager to pursue growing a small company's online presence
Conscientious, Dependable, Timely, and Competitive

Did you know we love architecture, set design, tech savvies, artists, and interior design students?

email resume to:
call for interviews:  417-459-8988

Our offices are currently undergoing a transformation, but here's what you might expect a desk at Pickwick House to look like on a good day:)  

                                                     Photographed by Twin Town Studios for RUE daily mag.

And, because I'm a working mom, I'm SO, SO excited to finally get my very own office at the new house.  This picture just taken is of the paint job done today on my new space.  I went with a Benjamin Moore 'Heritage Red' in high gloss latex.  I normally do oil base on heavy pieces, but I didn't want to wait for three days to have it shipped in.  So anxious, can you tell?    I CANNOT wait to show you my other plans for this space!

This is the before pic from my iphone.  To tell you the story behind this monster desk and office space progression, will have to wait for another day, because it's a little too long to post here about how this space has evolved without spousal confrontation:)  I say that with a gutteral laugh, because working together with my designer hubs, Will, isn't always peaches and cream.  And he would probably tell you the same of me.  But, somehow, I think we've made a pretty tasty CHERRY limeade out this 'LIME'.  ha!  

Happy Friday, Loves!  If you made it thru this post without falling asleep, I think you deserve a tall Martini or two right about now!!  Once you've had a martini, feel free to come back to this post and tell me what you really think of the desk.  


Pickwick House is a full service design/build company in the heart of the Midwest!  {Springfield, Missouri's Rountree Neighborhood}.  We handle all aspects of residential renovations from small to large projects and are available for full service and consultation design, and/or stylizing from East to West Coast.  Call or email us today.  We may be on location, but we'll get back to you in no time.

 417-459-8988 *


Jennifer Hyman said...

You're doing amazing things there Sharon - paint fumes, chapped hands, sick baby, and all. I'll pass along your Intern BIDEO to my school to help you out. Love everything you're doing!

A Lifestyle Thing said...

Jennifer, that is SO nice of you to say that and means so much coming from you! THank you!! I SO appreciate you passing along the BIDEO too. Hope you are doing well and would love to see you!! I'm going to email you about an upcoming conference that I wish you and I could go to. xxxx

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