Thursday, February 28, 2013


Thank you all for your sweet and interesting comments to my last post.  I really appreciate the love and suggestions received in my inbox too.  Thank you!!  Someone's response to me was, "It's a small, temporary problem."  That is so right.  Very small, indeed!

Spring cannot get here soon enough.  Little guy has stomach bug again, poor fella.  Are there two strains of that virus this year?  Crazy.  So, while I'm working from home today, I'm catching up on an old movie I haven't seen in years.  "Legends of the Fall".  Gah, I had forgotten how incredibly sad and complicated it was.  What a timeless, most beautiful set design and cinematography.  And, Julia Ormand, Brad, and Aiden.  Sigh.

I have six days left to submit as many olioboard creations as I can create to the olioboard contest.  The first two boards I submitted the last few days are pretty theatrical and whimsical in style.  I had to get that style out of my system first.  I realize it's not for everyone.  Haha.  I am open to suggestions on the next ones I create.  What's your style?  Maybe I'll create one for you.  I'm currently creating others for clients and even a potential client on IG who liked the others I showcased.    

The contest theme is STRIPES.  So, I 'have' to incorporate stripes.  I decided to go my typical bold, black and white striped background.
When I started this board I imagined a girl inhabiting it to be a bit quirky and so I decided to give each board a personalized 'storied' description.  The one above was actually inspired by Will's second cousin.

Description: Samantha enjoys nature and the sport of bird watching. Wild birds in particular. Adventures to mossy creekside knolls, forests at dusk, and the Ozark mountains are among this stylish girl's jaunts. 
"whippoorwill!" ~Sharon

You can vote for this board if you follow this link.   Under neath the right hand corner, click on the check mark inside the red heart:)  You can vote for it one time per day for the next six days.  You can 'shop the look' there too.  

You can vote for this board by following this link.   Same instructions as the one above.

To see all the other entries in the contest, go here.

Thanks for stopping in!  Enjoy the rest of your day.


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Shawnna Lines said...

I love the idea of having a story or a person inspiring the board. I can picture the girl sitting in that beautiful chair! In Whipporwill, I love the mixtures of the greens and I love the light fixture! I like that it has an old feel to it, but it's still kind of modern. My style (if I were able to decorate our apartment exactly the way I wanted to and Caleb wouldn't care) is a mixture of old and new, modern and classic, and funky and unique. That's a lot, but I can imagine it in my head! I also really like the Tears of Joy board! I can imagine myself in this room if I were still a bachelorette!

A Lifestyle Thing said...

Shawnna, thank you so much. I am glad you like the story board idea. It just seemed fitting. When I was creating these boards, I felt like I was re doing my childhood dollhouse. So, it seemed like a good idea to start 'playing' with roles. haha. I will drum something up for you. It may take a while, but I WILL. Anyway, funny you said that about Tears of Joy being a bachelorette pad. After I finished it, I felt it looked like a set off of 'Friends'. And, last of all, THANK YOU for voting for Whippoorwill! xxxx

Shawnna Lines said...

Thanks, I can't wait to see what you come up with! I thought the room looked a lot like "Friends" too! :)

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