Monday, February 18, 2013

House Update

The weekend was refreshing for us, how 'bout you?  Me, Will, and the babies went flea marketing and found several area rugs for the downstairs.  That's my favorite kind of family day, what about you? 

This rug above was a good find.  Will spotted it with his good eye.  I love that it's so finely detailed, hand knotted, antique,  not a 'rumpler', and it has some black in it. Our floors are currently being sanded, and the cabinets, leg-kicks, moulding, tile work, and walls are still a work in progress, here in the kitchen.   We are waiting on the custom made brass etageres, and reworking some of the hardware to match them.   We will probably have a small free-standing island on the rug.  Can I tell you how happy I am that this kitchen has plenty of free walking space?  I see a lot of kitchens with monster islands that are way too big for the space.  They 'lock' people in at parties in a claustrophobic way.  Kitchens seem to be where people gravitate when entertaining, so I really wanted this space to feel open enough to throw back some wine, feel welcome, and make people want to linger.  By having a free standing island-table, we can move it in or out to make accommodations.
Here's the back hallway rug we found too.  It's hard to see what it looks like with the lighting, but it's going to pair well with our other downstair rugs.  

              Doesn't Bubs look like he's a poor peddler from the Oliver movie?  "Looking fo some bwead", he says.

I couldn't be any happier about the honed marble slabs we got.  

These two colors have been a source of great debate.  Will and I have always wanted ebony floors, but after hearing from everyone [including other designers], how hard they are to keep clean looking, we're now unsure of what to do.  I understand the hardships of cleaning, but I still want the ebony.  Will wants to go even lighter than the one on the right.  That's when we really got 'into it'.  HA!! I finally gave in and said, 'Whatever you think, honey.'  We'll see what happens. What would you choose?  

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Carrie Ransom said...

I just started following this blog, and I love seeing what you are coming up with! I agree with the dislike of giant kitchen husband and I live in a newer home, and there is this island that is long and blocks off a lot of space...we want so badly to rip it out! Curious to see what you decide for the floors...never would have thought going darker would be harder to clean.

A Lifestyle Thing said...

Hi Carrie! Thanks so much for following and for your sweet words. I appreciate it so much. Yes, islands can be done right, but more often in the kitchens I've seen, they are all wrong. The idea of an idea of an island sounds amazing, but if it cuts you off, then that means you don't want to be locked in your kitchen. You should rip yours out if you're not happy, but I know that's a whole 'nother snow ball effect of projects. xx

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