Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Good afternoon!  Welcome to the dark side.  I hope I'm not boring ya'll to tears with house posts.  I'm gonna just go ahead and blame this crazed-nugget on the paint fumes we've been breathing in for the last few weeks.    

Iphone Pic of the day
Walls and ceiling are completely done in our soon to be family room.  Benjamin Moore 'black'.  Trim is in high gloss, oil based black too.  Our wood-slat blinds will also be black.  The floors are currently being sanded.  They will be.....EBONY.  {changin it up a bit, haha}
Iphone pic of before

Now after seeing all that darkness, let me ask you this?  Would you say it's an improvement over this?   At least a shred??  

What are you doing for pre-V-day?  I'm sitting at home with sick little fella.  Trying to comfort him and his bless-ed, rosy-cheeked goodness.  Even in his sickness, he keeps giving me kisses.  I feel so lucky.  

This is John-John on Monday, {pre-sickness} modeling in his first Julie Blackmon shoot. He was so proud.  I will post the final draft once she's done, but it may be a while because she's off to shoot a cover for New York magazine tomorrow.  I was going to go with her, but with fella sick, it's a no-can-do.
From my iphone
Thanks for reading along. 

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Heather Cherie said...

Love the black room! :)

Anonymous said...

Your taste is impeccable! I only wish I could dare go to the dark side. Your little one is just too funny! Did he really just stand there while being photographed?!? I can't stop looking at this. I love your blog!

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