Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New Work by Julie Blackmon

In addition to my photo shoot last weekend, my sister, Julie Blackmon held her own photo shoot with the nieces and nephs in a Line-Up. Jude, Mabel, Goldie, Hank, Ralphie, Birdie and tiny baby Syl.

This past summer, Julie took on a new project and decided to roll some video footage. This is a short film of a day in the life of Millie (my other sis) and her three kiddos...Mabel, Ralph, and Birdie.

I have more great halloween snaps to share coming up!


charley*star said...

ok, just discovered your blog via coco+kelley, and am loving it... and now find out that your sister is Julie Blackmon?! what? she a huge photo inspiration to me. thanks for the inspiration. i'm subscribing right now. your work is BEAUTIFUL!

A Lifestyle Thing said...

Thank you Charley! Yes, Julie is my inspiration too. Are you a photographer? Thanks so much for following me! xo-sharon

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