Friday, September 4, 2009

Free Fall Find

Fall is in the air. Here are some lovely flower boxes from around the sweet little hood that I live in. 1st prize must go to the one up's a REAL show stopper, don't you think?

This last image is the front of my house. Earlier in the summer, the flowers had more color. It won't be long though before I add some white pumpkins from my back yard, cornstalks and maybe some bittersweet vines. I LOVE to fill these window boxes to the brim with fall goodness.

Okay, so here's my Free Fall Find:
Yesterday morning I scored some really great FREE finds, and for those of you who like free, here are the goods. I should start by saying that in the harvest season I love to start pulling natural elements from nature to use for decorating the outsides of houses (doors, window boxes, porch posts, etc.). I think vines, berried branches, cedar boughs, fur trees, and pinecones can really add a warm-happy home feeling that's so appealing, inviting, and doesn't have to break the budget at all. These vines and branches also lend themselves to carrying into the winter season...I just keep on layering. Many people ask me where I find these things, and while I won't tell where I find my bittersweet vine spot, I will definitely share with you where you can find a great assortment of all the other little goodies I've been talking about. Here's where the Free Fall Find is at: The leaf compost recycling center out West of town.

I took a beautiful early sunrise trip out there yesterday to discover tons of great dried honeysuckle that I will use for several upcoming projects, events, and homes. It's worth the drive alone, if all you need is a peaceful moment to yourself to see the great country life. If you're after the goods, be prepared with gloves, clippers, and good climbing shoes. I had to do some climbing around to find the score of the day. I was on cloud nine after spotting this great wad of vines and other berried branches! (Stay tuned to see what Taylor-Made creations I will be coming up with).

To top off this little road trip, I treated myself on the way home to some great bluegrass music and a cup of jo. All of this made for a fantastically-fun-free fall day!! Happy Taste of Fall to you all. And call me if you need any outdoor decor goods or styling assistance brought to your home! Sharon Taylor Designs 417-459-8988.

x's, and o'sies,


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great blog!

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Thanks Paige! I just discovered you and fell in love with yours!!

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