Thursday, September 17, 2009

Carameled Apple Tree Instructions

Here are the instructions I promised, along with another carameled apple tree I did recently. I think this project would make an excellent alternative dessert bar for a fall party. You could also use this mural as an escort card station for guests. Just add the guest's table number on the bottom side. (This project is currently being showcased in Staxx Apparel fall window installation)

Carameled Apple Tree on Cellar Door
You will need the following items for this project:
One piece of chalk. $2
Exterior high-gloss, oil-based paint (one gallon Black and one quart of White) Rustoleum Brand paint brushes. Cost: $40
Paint brush (large,all purpose from Lowe's) cost: $5
Artist's paint brush kit from craft store. Cost: $5
A cellar door or any large smooth surface.
Image of tree ( I googled the image of The Tree of Gondor)
Projector (rentable)
Laptop Computer
Green apples. Cost per bag: $5
Carameled apple kit (includes the caramel, and sticks) $5
Ink pen. Cost: $2.50
Spool of twine. Cost: $3.50
Roll of wax paper. Cost: $3.50
Hot glue Gun. Cost: $4.00
Hot glue Sticks. Cost per bag: $3
1. The cellar door was first painted black and left to dry for 48 hours.
2. Before painting the image of the tree, I traced the outline I wanted with white chalk. I free-handedly painted this, but a projector could easily be used with an image of your choice...(For this particular one, I used the Tree of Gondor).
3. Granny smith apples were then caramelized using a carameled apple kit purchased at the store.
4. Pop-sicle sticks were personalized with each guest's name using a fine black pen.
6. Short pieces of twine were tied around each stick.
7. Each apple was adhered to wax paper and then hot-glued onto a branch. Table numbers could be written underneath as well (to use for guest escorts)
ta-ta 'til tomorrow! sharon


{The Perfect Palette} said...

Thanks for your comment on the Perfect Palette!

sharonlies said...

LIES!! I don't understand?? Why would you lie to people on diy ideas? Do you want their apples to be rotton and yours be pretty..seems like thats the kinda person you's all about you huh? well anyone who uses this diy idea don't waste your money on real apples or a carmel apple kit(if that even exist) buy FAKE apples and a brown candle melt your candle to wax and dip away!

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