Monday, September 21, 2009

Classic Meets Edgy {Red+Black+White)

13 more days til Bright Star shows at the Moxie!!! Can't wait to see the movie based on the romantic poet, John Keats' life. The tale of love entwined with death and rapture with sorrow, will surely be one that is filled with beautiful, rich, and "dark-chocolaterie" imagery. I am so drawn to this Classic Meets Edgy look for fall right now.

I've been procrastinating on getting started on painting silhouettes for one of my client's bathroom's where I've lost myself today instead: another artist's work where Classic Meets Edgy: designer M.S. Corley. He recently created some book covers for the Harry Potter books, along with several other series, i.e. A Series of Unfortunate Events, among others. These books are sure to become classics, but before they do, I guess so many years have to have passed before they are classified as such. M. S. Corley is an artist ahead of the game and so he made the covers to look like Classic Penguin Books. Time will tell if the publishers will use these. But I have to say that I fell in love with their classic, yet edgy look. What do you think?

I found a sweet little blog which was recently launched... bird and banner. It offers custom event invitations for weddings and such. That's where I found the cute window image that was taken in Copenhagen.

The mailbox and canoe paddle are ours. Will placed the canoe paddle right by the front door a long time ago (right before summer)...which was so cute to me that he did that. I captured it today on camera before fall/winter come 'round and then the paddle will become a rake, then snow shovel. (Seasons changing cause pause)

Here's one of my stumble/rumbles I had over the weekend:
While I was out East of town last weekend, I drove past a yard sale that had a few french-looking chairs outside...I did a quick u-turn to discover twelve red, velvet-cake like chairs in pretty darn good shape. Before I could even ask the owner if he would take less than the asking price, (I usually always do this)...he offered them to me for half price @ $10 a piece if I would take all of them! Well, not having any cash on me, I tried to offer my gps system as collateral because I knew if I didn't secure them, that someone would come along while I was fetching cash, and offer full price, if not more, for these little red dream cakes! He said it wasn't necessary, but I still sped away with a coffee-gurgling body to the bank and back.

Sure enough, when I got back the guy said he could've sold them and asked me if I had a sister! (in my head I'm rolodex-ing my sisters and/or cousins who have very similar tastes to mine). He told me that while I had run to get the cash, a gal who looked a lot like me, was fifteen steps behind me, and wanted these exact chairs BADLY. He said "The gal" quizzed him a bit on who was purchasing, and they both came to the conclusion that the "purchaser" (me) HAD to be one of her five sisters. We had a small goose chase of phone calls to match up sister to sister to chair fiasco. It was sister Lizzie.

We had a good laugh/rumble too. Love your style, Lizzie!

Baby syl in her new striped shirt from the baby gap.

Have a great week everybody! I'm ecstatic about having 10 followers now! Others, oh won't you please jump on board this ro-ro-row your boat?

x's and o'sies,

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