Thursday, September 3, 2009

Cinderelly-ish Taylor-Made Table Top Style

The pumpkin vines are starting to take over my whole back yard. I'm so excited to see that we have lot of white pumpkins coming on. Jillians of pumpkin blooms are hiding beneath the oversized foliage and they have been catching my eye too. I've been wanting to use the beautiful blooms for a fall table scape. I stopped by Ozark Treasures flea market today to see what I could find prop-wise...and could NOT believe my eyes when I saw this amazing ceramic trojan horse! What a find!! I instantly knew he was JUST the thing that was needed to make it a hip and stylish table topper. So I brought him home, picked some pumpkin blooms, found a necklace to attach him to his oxidized vase (a wanna-be-pumpkin-ish styled Cinderella carriage), and sunk some other blooms into an oxidized box from my own collection. That's my crazy spin for the day. I think it would be fabulous for a table scape or for a side table top decor.


Amy said...

I saw this blog from Lizzie's facebook post this morning. It's fun to read...and fun to see where all of your daily inspiration comes from!
I loved that yellow horse paired with the flowers and blue strand of beads!
-Amy B.

A Lifestyle Thing said...

Thanks Amy! I'm so new to this blogging thing that I just now figured out that some people have left some comments (something I didn't really expect would happen).

sharonlies said...

why lie when it's a diy idea? people wind up with rotten apples?...I have to tell the truth about it...First the apples are not real,so buy FAKE apples...Second there is no carmel apple kit needed...go buy FAKE apples and a brown candle...melt your candle to wax and dip apples!!
Also i really don't appriciate the comment about the boy and girl on the bike being an engagment photo shoot! LIE! Sorry sharon but you don't deserve to be on style me pretty your all LIES! And who did all the work for staxx?

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